Document Control Systems

At Digitalquill we have many years of experience designing and developing bespoke document control and document management systems for SME’s. The reasons for clients wanting document control systems is wide ranging, but it usually boils down to a requirement to centralise and maintain tighter controls over digital documentation.

A good document management system can provide:

  • All company documentation always instantly accessible from anywhere and at any time
  • Control all types of document from tenders and quotes, health and safety documentation, letters in and out of the company and critically emails and even SMS messages.
  • Maintain document histories tracking changes to any document and allow controlled access to revisions
  • Maintain transmittal and access records for documentation showing who has viewed a document, where and when it has been sent to someone else.
  • Create automatic workflows based upon types of document, simple approvals through to more complex workflows which document disciplinary or health & safety investigations, with documents produced at the end of those workflows

Document Capture

One of the most important aspects of document management is the quick and efficient capture of documents. There are a range of methods we employ, from automatically capturing email, through to plugins for Microsoft Word, Excel and others which allow saving directly to the document management systems we produce.

Simple upload interfaces, which allow dragging and dropping of files for quick and easy uploading cut down the number of clicks required. While dynamic search functions speed up the process of selecting who the letter is from or where the document should be stored.

Many companies want their paper archive digitising, perhaps to save space in archives or to allow easier access to those documents. We work with a company in Hull, East Yorkshire who can take away those archives and digitise them for you. A simple and easy solution to get your archive digitised.

Document Distribution

Many companies come to us with either the cost or reliability of postal services in mind. A good document management system will allow the quick and efficient distribution of letters, emails and documents digitally rather than relying on those postal services.

The green credentials of a document management system should also not be under estimated, cutting down on the use of paper, harmful laser printing and the high carbon footprint of courier and postal services. At Digitalquill we offset the carbon produced by our servers by planting trees. Therefore, the document management systems we produce can be carbon neutral.

Do you need a Document Control System?

If you require a document management solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are well versed in discussing and understanding your requirements and translating those into a document management solution which will fit your needs.

Call us today on 01482 424402 or email and we will assist you in the process of getting in control of your companies documentation.