Systems Development

What we Do

At Digitalquill we are specialists in developing complex business and enterprise systems. Our experience is varied from document management solutions to affiliate networks, from tracking processes in manufacturing plants through to order fulfilment systems.

We have a team of highly skilled engineers, you can guarantee that what you are asking for, while what you are looking for maybe specific and highly customised to your requirements will not be new to our team.

We take a holistic approach to our development work, we specialise in integrating with hardware such as RFID, Barcoding, industrial machines and mobile technologies as well as integrating with existing or third party systems, which means that our systems are never ‘just another’ system alongside your existing systems, but actually provide a linch-pin, tying together existing systems and processes and forming a platform around which the rest of your business can function.

  • Develop business and enterprise systems
  • Document management, inspection monitoring, manufacturing plant monitoring systems, asset management, order fulfilment systems, stock control systems, commerce systems, point of sale systems… the list goes on.
  • No systems are too small
  • Very few are too big
  • Specialists in integration of hardware and third party systems
  • Highly skilled team with a vast knowledge of different technologies
  • All jobs are fully project managed
  • All projects are handled to the same standards
  • RFID Systems specialists

Our Development Life-Cycle


We always plan to have ‘time on-site’ before we start any project. The length of time will vary from just a few hours to several days depending on the complexity of the project. We will observe your current processes, do an audit of the site, coms, infrastructure etc and get an idea of the problems we are solving in ‘real-life’. It always helps to discuss requirements face-to-face if at all possible. Where this is not possible we will utilise Skype or other media to gather the requirements from you.


We write functional specifications of all systems we develop. A functional specification is a narrative describing the system and how it will work. It is written in an easy to understand way in non-technical language. You are given a copy of this before we start work, which ensures that we have a 100% understanding of your requirements.


We utilise paper prototyping in all of our projects, Paper prototyping is a method by which you draw out all interfaces and actions of a system on paper prior to any development work taking place. This allows you to then roll-play the system through to ensure it works and find problems before you start the development process.


The development technologies depends on the specific requirements of the project, however the methodologies are always the same, the coding same standards, the same aims for quality and reliability. We build a simple application used in a owner operator business to the same standards as one of our cloud based systems used by millions of people.


Testing of a system comes in many forms, technical stress testing, user acceptance testing and many others. With our team we have testing specialists who will implement a testing regime to suit each project and carry out that testing. Most of this testing will be done at Digitalquill before  any software is delivered, however, there will always be some testing that needs to be done with the system users and real life usage.


Training in the use of new systems is a critical part of launching a new system which is often overlooked. Why invest time and resources in developing and launching a system only for it to fail because the users are not confident in what they are doing. Our applications always consider usability to make their use as easy as possible, however, training in the correct use of the system should always be considered as part of its launch.


The launch of a new system is something that will need careful planning. There may be more changes that you want to make within your business other than just the launch of the system itself. We will work with you on this launch programme. Depending on its complexity we will document this launch in our project management systems. The key part is that all stake holders are aware of that launch plan, when it will happen and what will be involved.


Support for systems is critical, not just in the first few weeks and months of its launch but on-going into the future. We have a team of highly skilled support technicians who are experts in supporting the systems that we develop. Within our business we ensure that all team members are not only  aware of all projects, but that they have hands on experience of all systems we develop. Our support team are on the end of a phone, email or Skype conversation. Support contracts will be discussed with you at the point of requirements analysis.


We have not found a project yet that finishes with its initial launch. There are always things that come up after the event, our process of requirement gathering, specification and paper prototyping is designed to make sure you get what you want. However, it is a certainty that once you see what is possible, your requirements will grow, this process should be encouraged but carefully managed.