NFC Grabber

If you want to integrate Android hardware with RFID systems, then Digitalquill’s NFC Grabber app for Android is the RFID solution you need.

Integrate RFID Systems into any Android App

NFC Grabber uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) sensor built into an Android device and RFID systems to be integrated into applications. The background software captures reads from the unique ID of an RFID transponder using a mobile device’s NFC sensor. The results can be sent to a web server, application, or dropped at the cursor’s location in a text field as an RFID keyboard wedge – or any combination of the three.

NFC Grabber can be used to insert text into Excel spreadsheets, Open Office documents and most other Android applications. It can also be integrated into your existing stock or assey management solutions

Users just tap the device against an embedded NFC transponder to record a read – there is no need to open a dedicated application. A single-device licence for NFC grabber can be bought from the Android app store. We can also licence any number of additional devices and users, and supply a number of systems to integrate with the app so you can RFID technology to your business.

NFC Grabber Functions

Each NFC transponder is embedded with a unique ID code. NFC can be used in inspection monitoring, access control, staff time monitoring asset management, and many other applications.

NFC Grabber uses your Android devices’ built-in NFC scanners to capture the unique ID numbers from HF RFID transponders and use them in one or more of the following ways:

  • Create global variable – a variable with the value of the read is stored within the device so that it can be read from another app
  • Send to server – the outcome of the read is uploaded to a specified server address on the internet
  • Insert RFID at cursor – the read can be used within any text input field, through a dedicated keyboard interface

NFC Grabber allows NFC scanning to be incorporated into any Android app and offers a low-cost solution to implementing RFID scanning capabilities on a small scale.

NFC grabber case studies

Using NFC Grabber in Inspections: By using NFC transponders at a number of locations, it is possible to create a script that requires them to be scanned to prove that each location has been visited. You can then use these scans to prove that inspections took place on time: ideal for fire safety and food hygiene inspections.

Asset Management with NFC Grabber: By purchasing NFC transponders and attaching them to roll-cages or pallets, you can use them instead of barcodes to monitor stock in a warehouse. Transponders can be placed on high-value assets like computers, solar panels or rental equipment so you can track their movement through a system.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

NFC Grabber is available from the Android Play Store. It works with any Android device that has a built-in NFC reader. For queries about purchasing licences in bulk, or for further information call us on 01482 424402 or email