Asset Monitor

Asset MonitorFull Asset Tracking History

Digitalquill’s Asset Monitor System lets you keeps track of all your business’s assets: you can instantly find out where they are; where they’ve been; and access a history of their movements all at the click of a mouse.

It uses the latest in RFID technology, and unlike many other systems, it is not industry specific. This means it can be used to track everything from shipping containers to solar panels.

The Asset Monitor System links with the other Digitalquill software modules including our Proof of Delivery system to cover everything from picking and packing to delivery tracking.


Asset Monitor is flexible and configurable to fulfil a wide range of asset tracking requirements. You can specify the details of the asset, and of the data you wish to store and associate with it. You have total control over the configuration of inspections or supply chains.

Reporting and Supply Chain Tracking

Asset Monitor brings you powerful business intelligence: you know where your valuable assets are, and when they will be back with you – usings estimates intelligently derived from your data. This allows you to manage your business proactively.

Asset Monitor can help you to predict stock shortages; plan deliveries; and schedule collections. Information such as average supply chain time and average asset life are automatically calculated and kept updated for your financial forecasts.

Integrated inspection systems allow you to ensure that assets are always ready to go out of the door when a new order comes in, while the tracking of the meta data for your assets such as serial numbers, make, model and many other criteria allow you to manage your asset inventory easily and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Requires an RFID scan whenever an asset is moved or changes hands
  • Each movement is linked to a staff card scan: for clear accountability
  • Maintains an audit trail of movement in and out of locations
  • Allows for basic inspection and maintenance of assets to be recorded
  • Can manage legislative recurring inspections