Access Monitor

Access Monitor - Access Control System that can be used to control access by vehicle or personAccess Control and Monitoring

Access Monitor is a system to control access points such as doors, roller shutters, vehicle barriers and gates through RFID technology. Staff gain access via an RFID transponder which can be affixed to a vehicle or integrated into an ID card or key fob – and the system can trigger the barrier’s opening or release mechanism through hardware integration with any number of access control points.

A record is kept of all events, and a list can be maintained of people of vehicles that are on site. Access points can be nested, so tailgating is discouraged as entry cannot be gained to a second barrier unless the RFID transponder was authorised at the first. Access rights can be controlled either on a user or site basis, for total control over security.

Multi-site access control

Multi-site environments are fully supported and access to one or more sites can be granted – or immediately revoked – at the click of a button. This makes Access Monitor an ideal tool not just for staff, but also as a secure means of managing access to contractors. The system is granular so people can only be granted access to a single room or route – and it is simple to revoke their access rights if the cards are not returned on time.

Access Technology – RFID, ANPR, Fingerprint, Facial recognition

The RFID technology can be customised to the specific requirements of each client. Active RFID transponders can be used to give vehicular access, while low-frequency or ‘NFC’ RFID can be used in staff cards of keyfobs.

Fingerprint and facial recognition and ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) are also integrated within the system, giving a very flexible and customisable solution.

Data terminals give control at the access point, triggering relays which are used to open gates, roller doors or to unlock doors for pedestrian access.

Key Features:

  • Records passage through an access point
  • As many access points as needed
  • Can nest access points or configure ‘permitted routes’
  • Hardware can be customised: Under road (below tarmac); Free air readers/transponders; Key fobs/staff cards; Keypad entry
  • Immediately grant or revoke access at click of a button
  • Monitor who is on-site at any time