What We Do

Over the years we have identified a number of services that many people are looking for, we have developed those into packages which are customisable to the specific requirements of a business but all of which perform a critical function for your business.

Our strategy for our software is low monthly subscription payments for our software, while still providing enterprise level quality. Our off the shelf systems are sold as Software As A Service (SASS) you simply subscribe.

  • Inspection Monitor
  • Staff Time Monitor
  • Fire door Monitor
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Salon management System
  • Intelligent Data Loggers


A System using RFID technology which ensures that a schedule of actions are carried out on an asset or location on-time, recording evidence of those actions or alerting management if they are missed or failed.


A system using RFID, Facial recognition and GPS to track when staff visit an office, site or other location. Staff check in and out and the time is calculated between those points.


The law states that all fire doors should remain closed at all times, they should not be propped open because it is a hot day. Fire door monitor alerts your Health and Safety manager to the fact that a fire door has been open for more than the allowable time.


Monitors the temperature for temperature critical applications, server rooms, commercial cold rooms, commercial green houses and more. It automatically alerts you via SMS and email when the temperatures of that location falls outside your set parameters.


A CRM system for hair and beauty salons, utilising RFID loyalty cards the system knows what your client has had done previously giving you that information you require for the personal touch. It manages stock, the till and provides data from the CRM that can be used for marketing.


Data terminals with a linux based server within them, designed to remotely capture data and send it to a cloud service. We use these in many of our systems but also make them available for purchase and use by other technologists.

Rental Monitor

Rental Monitor is a powerful tool for managing the rental of assets in a retail environment. It integrates with RFID technology to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned.

Point of Delivery monitor

POD Monitor is a powerful Proof of Delivery tool that can manage collection, deliveries and rentals – including stock management, picking and packing.

Asset Monitor

Digitalquill’s Asset Monitor System lets you keeps track of all your business’s assets: you can instantly find out where they are; where they’ve been; and access a history of their movements all at the click of a mouse.