RFID Systems Development

What We Do

At Digitalquill we specialise in developing RFID Systems, that is systems that utilise RFID technology to achieve a desired goal. The systems we have developed include the monitoring and control of inspections, asset tracking, business automation, production plant monitoring and many other applications.

We work closely with suppliers of high quality RFID technology, we do not get involved with the cheaper end Chinese produced RFID transponders and equipment. Any system we develop relies on the premise that RFID technology is 100% accurate and this can not be guaranteed without the use of quality RFID product.

Our RFID Projects include the tracking of millions of assets, supply chain monitoring and providing analytical data for business operations such as order fulfilment, prediction of demand, monitoring of stock levels and marketing.

We use RFID in inspections to ensure that a asset or location has been inspected, providing management with alerts when inspections are failed or missed and in client management giving customers RFID loyalty cards enabling us to track that customers interaction with us with our service sector CRM package.

There are many varied and different applications for RFID,  our custom RFID systems and RFID Software development means that we can work with you closely to provide what you need. It is very likely that we will have applications already created that will suit your project that can be tweaked to give you your exact requirements.

All our RFID software is built to the highest of standards, our experienced team of engineers write and maintain these systems to achieve the highest levels of uptime possible.

What is RFID

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID for short is technology that uses radio waves to read a unique code stored in a transponder. A transponder is designed to be attached or embedded inside an object.

There are many different types of RFID, Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF or NFC) and UHF. The applications of those different technologies depends on the requirements of the project in question.

At Digitalquill we work closely with suppliers of the worlds best LF RFID Technology too provide industrial quality solutions to varied problems.

If you require RFID technology in a project we will engage our contacts who will work with us on making the project a success for your business.

It should be noted that RFID is not always the best solution, unlike many of our competitors our business is not RFID, we provide solutions to problems. We will advise you on the best solution to your problem, be that RFID, Barcode or some other method of identification. We also specialise in biometrics for identification of people, fingerprint recognition and facial recognition are systems we regularly use in many of the systems we produce. After consultation with you we will recommend the best solution to meet your requirements.