Rental Monitor – Simple and Secure Rentals with RFID

Rental Monitor - Simple and Secure Rentals with RFID TechnologySimple and Secure Rentals

Rental Monitor is a powerful tool for managing the rental of assets in a retail environment. It integrates with RFID technology to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned. Stay informed when items are due for rental, late for return, and automatically generate pre-rental and post-rental servicing tickets through integration with email or SMS. No rental can take place without the capture of key information, and secure off-site storage prevents paperwork from being misplaced.

You have full control of scripts for handover and return of items, allowing you to ensure that briefings are given, instructions are supplied and that any damage is reported when the item is issued or returned – and the customer database allows you to capture photographic ID to confirm identities and store customer details for repeat rentals.

Keeping Track of Rented items with GPS

Assets can be tracked by GPS for the ultimate in peace of mind, allowing you to know where those assets are even when they are out of sight. Our unique systems even allows tracking of assets that do not have a battery.

Rental Equiptment Maintenance Workflows

Ensuring that assets are always ready to be rented is critical for a rental business, when an asset is returned a process must be followed in order to get that item ready for its next rental. The system can create workflows which are enforced and monitored to make sure that all assets are ready for rental, quickly and efficiently.


Customer data collected within the system is of great value to your rental business. All this data can be used to integrate with the Digitalquill Marketing module, allowing you to look at trends, filter and identify individuals or groups of customers that you want to target with marketing campaigns. It then allows you to construct email or SMS marketing campaigns or create a mail merge for postal and paper marketing.

Key Features of Rental Monitor:

  • Force users to Capture key information before allowing rental e.g. Contact details
  • Reuse customer data for repeat rentals, saving time and reducing errors
  • Facility to capture photo ID to associate with customer records
  • Automatically trigger customer reminders when equipment is due to be returned
  • Generate tickets for service and maintenance of assets
  • GPS Tracking of assets, you know where they are when out of sight
  • Export customer information for marketing or integrate with the Digitalquill marketing module