Remote Health Checks

Unfortunately, many companies, including IT specialists are reactive rather than pro-active with their IT policy. Issues are sorted when they arise, this leads to inevitable down time and additional costs for the business.

At Digitalquill we have proprietary systems, which allow us to monitor the health of your IT provision from individual computer performance through to network issues, internet connectivity and security. These systems were originally developed for our Software Systems division where we use them to monitor complex hardware infrastructure, business critical systems that if down have a great impact on those businesses, therefore our systems are very sophisticated and resilient allowing us to automatically monitor many thousands of hardware installs.

What can we monitor?

  • CPU usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Usage
  • Network Usage
  • Internet connectivity for uptime
  • Internet usage for security
  • Internet usage for staff monitoring

Why do we monitor?

There are many reasons to monitor, the main one being for early warnings of attack by virus. Even though we recommend our Cloud based, fully monitored virus guard system, no virus guard will protect 100%, they are susceptible to new viruses or human error if they are overridden. High disk, CPU and memory usage for sustained periods indicates virus problems.

There are other issues we can monitor for that take place over a slower period, PCs slowing down gradually over time is a well-known fact. We can monitor for high disk usage which could indicate high use of swap memory. This can be alleviated with a cheap RAM upgrade. High disk usage could also indicate virus or malware.

We can monitor networks and internet for security, unauthorised access from within the business as well as external attack.

Proactive monitoring, we fix before you have a problem

Our systems provide us with early warnings, allowing us to be calling you before you have an issue that will cause your business down time. This is standard in our contract based services.