IT Support & Computer Services

What We Do

Is your IT Support Provider hit and miss? Do you have to constantly chase solutions? Perhaps you don’t have any IT Support and just need someone on call to help out as and when the need arises.

At Digitalquill we provide first rate IT and Computer services to Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. We are different to many other IT Service providers in a number of factors.

  • We are business focused, we understand the pressures of businesses, we work with you to get your IT systems working for you. We don’t advise IT systems for their own sake. We will only advise systems that will provide tangible benefits to your business.
  • We only employ staff with both technical and customer experience.
  • We have a huge depth of technical skills throughout the company from the IT and Software Systems division.
  • We are proactive, we monitor and solve problems BEFORE they impact your business.
  • Our IT support staff are mobile, this means we can come to site, we don’t try to fix everything remotely, if it can be we will, but if we need to be on site we will be there.
  • We ensure we get a good working knowledge of your business before we start supporting you. This means we will not start changing things that are historically setup in a specific way for a reason and we can taylor the IT Support to suit your needs.
  • We work as part of your business and not as a standard service supplier. Success of your business means success for our business.
Digitalquill IT Services Hull, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire


We will meet with you, listen to what you need, where you see your IT problems being and then look at your business operation, audit your hardware and systems and then make our proposals of your IT provision going forward.

We will carry our regular reviews of your IT provision comprising of simple internal reviews to ensure everything is still on the right path and regular schedule meetings with you to make sure your requirements have not changed.


Most of our clients want day-to-day support for their IT systems and staff. We are on call for when a problem arises, if we are providing you with our fully monitored service we would hope that we are aware of any fundamental problems (internet connection failing, PC failing etc.) before you have called us. It maybe that you want us simply on call for those times when you are trying to solve that Excel problem. These are all services we provide, pick up the telephone and call us.


We provide a system that will monitor your systems, computer health, network connections, printers, internet connection speed and more. We take benchmark tests of your systems performance and can then detect anything that is out of the norm, be that a longer term trend of things slowing down or a sudden issue caused, we react to both to provide steps to try and catch those issues before they become business critical.


We have been in business for many years, over that time we have built close relationships with our suppliers. We can therefore provide hardware to you at a cost that you will struggle to match. New PC’s, printers, networking infrastructure, CCTV cameras, telephones and replacement parts can all usually be purchased for next day delivery. We also hold a stock of equipment that we can loan on a temporary basis to get your business back on its feet in the event of a hardware failure.


We have a huge depth of experience dealing with all types of server infrastructure. Unix/Linux, windows server, mail servers, exchange and sharpen servers are all our day-to-day work. We can install networks, come up with solutions for communications between offices (VPNs, fibre or Microwave links) and monitor all those systems to ensure that they are working efficiently.


Backups are something that many people either do not do or do incorrectly. Backups are also something that you will hopefully never need, but when you do need them they are worth every penny you have invested into them. We provide many different types of backup solutions, all of which are designed to be automated and non-invasive while still providing the disaster recovery position that is so important.


Security is our number one priority in everything we do. In our systems development through to our dealings with an owner operator business. Our team has a wealth of experience implementing security systems for many varied clients. These systems do not have to be complex, but they should always be considered.


Disaster recovery is something that is often ignored, like backups, disaster recovery is only needed in the event of a disaster. At Digitalquill we can come up with an effective disaster recovery plan that will ensure your business continuity in the event of a disaster. We do not just look at loss of data, we look at being able to have your office back up and running within a contracted amount of time, hardware, users profiles configured, all data back available to use and your business trading again even if that is from a different location.


Viruses and Malware are something that is a continual threat to businesses. There are steps that we can take that will reduce your risk. We will ensure that those steps are taken for your business and that you have the systems in place to ensure that nothing circumvents those policies. Monitored virus scanning systems and emails scanned before they arrive at your PC.


If you take any form of electronic payments at your premises you will need to be PCI Compliment. We are experts in putting in place the systems that you are required to have to gain PCI Compliance from security to the technical information required to complete the PCI questionnaire.


Within our team we have mobile technology experts, we can look at security and monitoring of mobile devices and work with you to choose the correct devices that meet the requirements you have. We have strong links with our suppliers and can get solutions that are not readily available. We also have engineers in our development team that can produce software for all the main mobile technologies, iOS, Android and Windows mobile.


We have systems in place that can track all your IT equipment and hardware, we track warranties for all hardware and can work with you on a rolling renewal programme for your IT infrastructure so that the investment in keeping you up-to-date is spread over a longer period of time rather than coming critical and needing a large investment all at the same time.


We can provide training sessions for your staff on anything from the use of your systems to basic IT skills, we can do this on a one-to-one basis or as a group session. Let us know what your requirements are and we can tailor a training programme that will suit the needs of your staff.


Wether you require simple website and email hosting or complex cloud based systems that are load balanced across multiple data centres to give you 100% up-time we can provide a solution that fits. All our hosting systems are managed by our in-house System Admin experts who have years of experience creating and maintaining these systems.


We have developed our own CCTV system which is easy to install, maintain and use. We can discuss with you your exact requirements and then implement a solution that works for you. The complexity comes in the numbers of cameras anyhow long you need to store the footage for. We work with a number of clients who have a large number of cameras and who need to keep the footage for 12 months or more. Anything is possible.


Michael Adamson

F G Adamson & Son, a Garden Machinary Supplier in Swanland, East Yorkshire and Langworth Lincolnshire

I have known Matt now for 4 years and have found him to be the best IT, web site and systems support specialist that I have ever used.

Digitalquill has helped our business with IT support (PC support, network issues, printers etc) and has been invaluable in supporting our web site when we were badly let down by the web designer.

As well as being let down by our web designer, we were let down by other so called IT specialists and Digitalquill has been instrumental in resolving problems others have left behind.

Digitalquill has also helped us with our wider business systems with both ideas and hands-on implementation.

Matt and his team are always on hand to help with any problems and is highly regarded by all our staff.

Area Covered

We cover the following areas with our computer services division:

  • Hull
  • Cottingham
  • Hessle
  • Anlaby
  • North Ferriby
  • Willerby
  • Skidby
  • Swanland
  • Beverley
  • South Cave
  • Scunthorpe
  • Brigg
  • Barton-upon-Humber
  • Barrow-upon-Humber
  • Goxhill
  • South Ferriby
  • Grimsby
  • Cleethorpes
  • Immingham
  • Lincoln
  • Wragby
  • Market Rasen
  • Horncastle
  • Langworth
  • Louth
  • Scampton
  • Gainsburgh

If you are outside these areas please contact us as we are expanding rapidly and have mobile engineers up and down the country.