Design & Marketing

What We Do

At Digitalquill we have some very creative and innovative graphic designers who skills range from paper based design, digital design, videography, interface design and designing for usability.

Many of the projects we take on require those design skills, but we also work with clients on design only projects or work with clients on marketing and extending their online and offline presence.

Corporate ID

Do you need a logo and corporate identity for a new business? Are you updating your businesses image, we can help. We have some very creative designers who can work with you to find the right style to suit your business.

Web Design

We have been designing websites for over 16 years, all our design recommendations will be implemented cross-browser and cross platform in a responsive manner. We are experts in designing clean, attractive and functional websites and web systems.

Interface Design

Interface design is something that spans the skill set of graphic design, usability and systems design. We have all those skills in house, we can therefore deliver interfaces that work, are easy to use and look attractive.


Graphic design of leaflets and posters is one of our design teams staples, we can take you right through the process from initial requirements through to print. We have very strong links with print houses who can deliver to the high standard that we require.

Point of Sale

The design and creation of POS material, POS Stands, artwork, multimedia systems, video delivery and more are all things that we work on regularly. We have many solutions for delivery of interactive POS as well as simple artwork for POS stands.


Design and layout of adverts for many different sources be them print or film are all within our teams skill set. Newspaper adverts to billboards, YouTube to television, we can produce slick, hard hitting adverts.


Design and presentation of social networks for your business is becoming more and more critical, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin all offer different choices for your business, however if you want a co-ordinated social presence they all need to be in your corporate image.


Social marketing is a skill, get it right and you will reap the benefits, get it wrong and you could be in trouble. The holy grail for something to go viral is of course desirable, however, the day-to-day marketing on social networks have great progressive impact on businesses and should always be considered no matter what your sector.


At Digitalquill we run our own email marketing systems. We can take you through the process of running an email campaign and staying out of the spamming traps. Our CRM systems can also help you with gathering email addresses for your customers. Email marketing is proven to be a successful marketing medium, many companies sit on thousands of email addresses in their commerce systems which are a gold-mine for marketing purposes.