RFIDRFID is short for “radio-frequency identification”. It is a digital technology whereby data is encoded into special RFID tags and then captured again by a reader through radio waves.

What are RFID Systems Used For?

RFID systems are, on the face of it, similar to barcodes. Data from a tag is captured by a device, and then stored in – or read from – a database. RFID has a number of advantages over barcodes when it is used for applications such as asset tracking. RFID tags can be read without needing a line-of-sight, unlike barcodes which have be intact and carefully aligned with the scanner. RFID can identify objects, collect data and enter information directly into a computer system automatically – with little to no human intervention.

How Do RFID Systems Work?

RFID systems work by using radio waves. They are made up of three main components:

  • an RFID tag,
  • an RFID reader,
  • an antenna.

RFID tags are made up of an integrated circuit and an antenna, which transmits data to the RFID reader. The reader turns the radio waves into usable data. Information from the tags is then transferred through a communications interface such as a cable, Wi-Fi or 4G to a computer system, where the data can be stored in a database for use later.

What are RFID Tags?

RFID tags (or “RFID transponders”) consist of an integrated circuit and an antenna. A protective material isn used to hold the pieces together and shield them from the environment. The casing can have other uses – for example, employee ID badges can have RFID tags embedded within them. RFID tags are available in many shapes and sizes and are categorised as either passive or active.

What are passive RFID transponders?

Passive tags are the most commonly found type. They are smaller and less expensive than active tags, but they must be “powered up” by the RFID reader itself in order to transmit data. You may have seen them used as security tags in shops.

What are active RFID transponders?

Active RFID transponders are more complex, with a built-in battery that allows them to transmit data all the time.

What are RFID Systems Used for?

RFID technology has a huge number of uses. Click on the links for examples:

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

Most applications that work with barcode technology can be upgraded to RFID systems. If you think that your business can be helped by RFID systems, contact the RFID experts in Hull and East Yorkshire: Digitalquill 01482 424402 or


Access Control RFID systems

Digitalquill is a specialist at making bespoke RFID Systems for businesses with the latest RFID technology. One of the most common uses for RFID is access control.

Access Control RFID Systems

Access Control RFID systems

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology uses electromagnetic waves to capture and read data wirelessly. Data is stored on an electronic tag that can be attached to an object. The tags can be read from several feet away using a special receiver. RFID systems are used in access control to allow only authorised personnel to pass a barrier.

RFID technology can be used in areas such as:

  • Identification of people
  • Access based security systems
  • Parking facilities
  • Gate and barrier control
  • Tracking goods

RFID Access Control Management

A very common use of RFID systems is to control door entry systems using keyfobs or ID badges with an embedded transponder. Such systems are made up of three main components:

  • RFID Tags
  • RFID Reader
  • Access Management Software


Data about the person holding the ID card is electronically stored on an embedded RFID transponder.

RFID Door Reader

An antenna on the RFID reader sends radio waves to detect if there are any RFID tags within range. The reader decodes the information from the transponder and sends a data signal to the controlling software.

RFID Access Management Software

Special software reads the signal from RFID reader and either grants or rejects access to the card holder.

Digitalquill – Experts in bespoke business RFID Systems

If you think RFID technology and bespoke systems development can assist your project, call us. Even if we establish that RFID is not the best solution, we will advise you on other options we can provide. Businesses and organisations all over the world use Digitalquill’s RFID systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and, most importantly, to save them money. We are experts in the provision of commercial RFID tags and RFID hardware. For more information on how RFID systems can help your business call us on 01482 424402 or email

smoke signal

smoke signalSmoke detectors are some of the most important items in your home when it comes to keeping your family safe. These devices help to alert your family to the smoke from fire while there is still time to evacuate, but did you know that they need to be regularly tested to ensure they are in full working order?

How to test a smoke alarm

No electronic device is infallible. Batteries can die, and some of the other parts of a smoke detector will wear out over time. Testing them regularly and replacing the batteries or the device itself is therefore essential. It is recommended by fire services that smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month – preferably every week on #TestItTuesday – and the batteries should be replaced twice a year. A way to remember to do so is to always change your batteries when you put the clocks forward or back.

A battery change can also be the solution to some other common problems:

  • The detector gives false alarms.
  • It emits short beeps regularly without being touched.
  • It has activated often, perhaps due to kitchen smoke.

How Do You Test A Smoke Alarm?

You should check the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper way to test your smoke alarms. But most battery-powered and hardwired smoke detectors can be tested in this way:

Step 1. Warn family members that you are testing the alarm. Smoke detectors make a high-pitched sound that can frighten small children.

Step 2. Ask a family member to go to the furthest point away from the alarm in the house. This helps to check that the alarm can be heard everywhere in your home. If you have more than one alarm (it is recommended to have at least one per floor) then test each one – the smoke from a fire will not be detected everywhere at once unless you have linked mains-powered alarms.

Step 3. Press and hold the test button on the smoke detector. It may take a few seconds, but soon a loud, ear-piercing siren will emanate from the smoke detector as long as the button is pressed. If the sound is missing or weak, replace your batteries.

Step 4. Take a look at your smoke detector and make sure there’s no dust or other substance blocking its grates. This could cause false alarms or even prevent it from

Most smoke detectors have a life-span of 10 years. If this time has passed, or if you are unsure if its age, you should replace it.

Digitalquill: Experts in smoke alarm monitoring

Smoke alarms are crucial as an early indicator of a fire in the home, but all too often their batteries are not checked, and so the alarm does not sound in the event of a fire. Digitalquill’s free smoke alarm testing app, Smoke Signal, supports the #TestItTuesday campaign by reminding people to test their smoke alarms every week.

You can download Smoke Signal at the Google Play store or, find out more at

East Yorkshire IT Support

East Yorkshire IT SupportWe live in a time where the currency is information. Everything you do is connected to information technology systems so if they fail a business can suffer. Modern IT systems are very complex, and so it is difficult for small businesses to manage their IT support resources in-house. That’s why so many more companies are choosing our managed East Yorkshire IT support service.

Why Not Outsource East Yorkshire IT Support?

The biggest reason East Yorkshire businesses are using third-party IT companies is to save money, but there are other benefits – for example:

  • The reduction of risk. When you have an East Yorkshire IT support provider, you’re reducing the risk of system failure grinding your business to a halt.
  • Better Resource management – Every company has limited resources its disposal, and so there are limits on the things you can achieve with IT systems. Having IT support managed by a third-party frees up resources, so you can reallocate them to other areas of the business.
  • IT expertise on tap – With an East Yorkshire IT support service you can get tap into computer expertise whenever you need it
  • Focus on your priorities – outsourcing IT support to an East Yorkshire business computer expert lets you focus on your priorities. If you are trying to handle IT support in-house, your attention is divided. Outsourcing helps you focus on what’s important.

Making the decision to outsource IT support to an East Yorkshire IT support company is difficult, but your business can really benefit from doing so, especially if you do not already have an IT expert as part of your team. If you can’t justify a full-time employee but want an expert on hand for system failures, you can call a Service Desk and speak to an IT technician whenever like – paying as you go. Most East Yorkshire businesses cannot afford dedicated in-house IT specialists. With East Yorkshire support, costs can be cut and consolidated into a single fixed payment every month.

Digitalquill – East Yorkshire IT Support Experts

If you think that outsourcing East Yorkshire IT support is the right move for your business – please contact us today on 01482 424402 and to speak to one of our team.



Nadine Dorries MP has been roundly criticised on Twitter for her password security when in defence of her colleague Damien Green MP she said that she shares her password with her staff. The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire was questioning a retired police officer’s claim that the First Secretary of State must have been responsible for material found on his computer.

password security


Password Security – Never Share Your Computer Login Details


There are several good reasons why your cybersecurity is at risk if you share passwords, for example:

  • If you use the same login details on other sites, then people could access those sites with your details
  • At work, you are generally held responsible for activity that is done “in your name” under your login
  • Any person with whom the login details has been shared could be subject to bribery, leave the organisation or share those details with a third party – leaving your entire network insecure

Ms Dorries has said that her interns need access to her login to manage her emails. This, however, can be done without revealing your password through a configuration of your email system.

How to create strong passwords

  • Use different letters, numbers and characters; use uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Change the letters in a phrase to numbers, for example, h3ll0
  • Abbreviate a sentence by using the first letter of each word
  • Make passwords long
  • Avoid perso
    nal information like the names, addresses or birthdays of people you know
  • Avoid common passwords, for example letmein, abcd, 1234 or, most famously, password
  • Avoid keyboard patterns, for example qwerty
  • Do not reuse passwords
  • Do not write your password on a Post-It and stick it to your computer
  • Keep passwords safe with a trusted password manager

Source: Google support

Digitalquill – Experts in IT Security

Call our Hull IT Support department on 01482 424402 if you would like to discuss arranging Digitalquill managed IT support to look after your business’s cybersecurity.

job vacancy

Software Developers – East Yorkshire – £20,000 – £30,000

An exciting new opportunity has arisen for a number of full-stack PHP developers. We are building a team that will work on both web development and cloud-based software development on SaaS projects for an East Yorkshire-based software company with a global reach.

At any time, we have multiple large-scale commercial projects underway. You will join the team to work on these, while also taking on sole ownership of smaller projects. You will also be expected to contribute to second and third level support, by assisting the first level support team with technical queries that require more in-depth analysis.

It is essential that you are familiar with one or more of:

  • PHP
  • Laravel Framework
  • js
  • Mysql
  • Postrgres
  • Sqlite
  • MS SQL

We also welcome applications from candidates with experience of:

  • Python
  • С/C++/C#
  • Jquery
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
  • js
  • Jquery UI
  • YII2
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • npm
  • Gulp

Salary is dependent on experience. You will be able to work from our new offices in Hessle, Near Hull, but consideration will be also given to home workers who can attend the office several regular days a week, and also as required for meetings etc..

We are looking for several candidates for these roles for immediate start. If it this sounds like you please e-mail your CV and a covering letter to or call Matt on 01482 424402 for an informal discussion. UK-based applicants only.

IT job

Digitalquill are an East Yorkshire-based IT company with a global reach. We are seeking an IT Salesperson to cover the East Yorkshire or Northern Lincolnshire area.

You will have proven sales ability and knowledge and experience of the IT industry. Travel will be required, so you will have a full, clean driving licence and access to transport. You will enjoy being on the road, generating, visiting and converting leads. As the company’s Business-to-business representative, your communication skills will be impeccable and you will have the ability to gain a foothold with clients.

You will have an input into our marketing strategy, website messages, social media, internet advertising and other marketing to support your efforts and will be ready to hit the ground running. The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate a track record of meeting and beating targets.

Salary and commission are negotiable, dependent on your skills and experience. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email

ISO9001 Document Management System

Does your business need ISO9001 compliant records or document management? Digitalquill’s Document Management System (DMS) can be used with your company policies and procedures to make ISO9001 compliance easier.

ISO9001 Document Management System

ISO9001 Document Management SystemThe standard says that the indexing and filing of records must ensure easy retrieval and they must be capable of being protected from unauthorised revision or disposal. When you use our DMS, you upload your documents to a central repository that stores every version of the document and makes them accessible only to the users you want. There is a simple search facility, and you can manage distribution lists within the software itself.

When it is time to review or approve documents you can send links to managers rather than have multiple copies of the file – all with different notes on them. Because a new version can be created every time you update the file, you have a handy history of every revision that has been made, and unauthorised users cannot edit documents without access to the system.

Document Control in a Quality Management System

ISO9001 requires companies to ensure that relevant versions of applicable documents are available at points of use. This is controlled in the Digitalquill DMS because master documents are all stored together in the cloud. You can even upload external documentation in any format into the system and treat it as if it were generated by your own organisation. Quality Management is a cinch when your systems and processes are supported by appropriate software tools.

If you want to prevent the unintended use of obsolete documents, you need to use our Document Management System. Call today to find out more/

Digitalquill – Experts in Document Management

Digitalquill has been working with Document Management for 15 years. We can help to make you ISO9001 compliant with our Document Management System. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email


CRM System

Information is the lifeblood of most modern businesses. If you do not capture the right data and use it effectively,  you will be at a disadvantage. Once data has been collected it needs to be contextualised or it is of no use. A Customer Relationship Management System – or CRM system – can help you make sense of it all.

CRM System and RFID systems

No business is too small to gather and use data. Data about your customers and their buying habits holds immense power. Just look at the investment that the big retailers such as Tesco make into their customer loyalty schemes. Data collection and usage is not restricted to supermarkets. Small businesses can use data just as effectively, and it does not cost as much as you might think.

Digitalquill’s CRM System: Making data work for you

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system from Digitalquill collates your customer contact data, email addresses, Facebook likes and social media interactions. You can combine it with open source data sets to further refine it. This information lets you target your business’s promotional activity better – and focus your marketing spend on those customers who are most likely to respond.

You can identify and reopen closed customer files, warm up leads that have been left to go cold and bring back repeat business with bespoke offers. You can also introduce new products to existing customers by examining their buying habits. We can integrate loyalty cards with RFID systems to maximise the opportunities at every stage of the customer journey.

Digitalquill: Experts in CRM systems

Our CRM and RFID systems are easy to use and easy to understand. A number of businesses across Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire use our CRM system because it helps them to maximise the use of their data. Our CRM system also increases sales, improves customer retention and drives up average transaction values. To find out how our CRM software and RFID systems can help you put your marketing strategy into action, call Digitalquill on 01482 424402 or email


Shame on your Donald Trump

Shame on your Donald TrumpWhile this site is a non-political, B2B, and technical, it also provides a platform where a voice can be heard. It would be to my shame if I did not use it at this point. The events of this weekend in the United States must be spoken out against.

In the UK we have recently commemorated Holocaust memorial Day (27th January) and this brought to mind a poem written in the 1950’s by Pastor Martin Niemöller. There are many variations to the exact text of this poem but the sentiment is the same.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist. 

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller

It is time to speak out

While the closing of the boarders, detention of innocent travellers to the US based upon their religion and down right racist executive orders coming out of the White house at the moment should never be compared to the Holocaust, they should be compared to the political climate in 1933 Germany where a democratically elected chancellor came to power and started what we now see as the most darkest days of human history.

Then they came for the Muslims and I did speak out

To my friends, employees, colleagues and the millions of Muslims across the globe whom I have not had the privilege of getting to know, I stand with you. We bleed the same blood, we breath the same air, we are the same.

These ludicrous actions by Donald Trump must STOP. Speak out now stop these actions escalating to a level even more desperate than they currently are.

Matt Houldsworth
Owner Digitalquill