Inventory Monitor

Inventory monitor is an RFID-enabled Stock control system that can manage and monitor goods in a warehouse. As well as full RFID functionality, it also works with traditional barcodes. It makes stock control simple: staff scan individual items or pallets and stock levels are updated on the fly.

Why Choose Inventory Monitor for stock management?

Inventory Monitor

You can either add your own RFID transponders or just use the stock’s existing barcodes – the system is flexible and fully configurable for a range of business applications. It can be integrated with a wide range of hardware from wireless NFC scanners through to industrial barcode readers. It is a simple process to find out the location of items, and they can be moved from place to place with a single scan. Our systems are in use in large organisations across the globe, but we offer the same level of service and customisation to every client. Digitalquill systems are interoperable, and so you can purchase as much or as little of our integrated functionality as you need.

Easy to use RFID Inventory Management

Stock levels can be broken down by location or site, as well as monitored globally so you always know where each of your assets is located. When you transport a group of items – such as a pallet – the system is able to be configured to handle all of the contents with a single scan, saving you time and money – and everything can be linked to your supply chain system in order to trigger new orders for items with low stock levels.

Key features:

  • Supports RFID transponders or barcodes
  • Stock levels can be updated in real time
  • Supports multiple sites
  • Can handle individual items or groupings such as pallets
  • Can be linked to your ordering system

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Proof of delivery system

Proof of delivery systemGood communication is essential for any business. If your business involves logistics, then customers are increasingly expecting to know where their orders are at all times. Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) systems are very important to such companies because they are an efficient, modern approach that allows companies to offer better customer service all through the delivery process. PODMonitor from Digitalquill is a powerful Proof of Delivery tool that can manage collection, deliveries or rentals.

Why you need an electronic proof of delivery system

Even some large companies rely on their employees manually filling in delivery paperwork and tapping data into IT systems later. This creates a huge workload and introduces the risk of human error. Today’s logistics industry is fast-paced, and customers expect tracked delivery on their orders. EPOD solutions enable the instant electronic exchange of information.

 Increased productivity

A paper proof of delivery system will typically involve clipboards of notes, that can be misread or misplaced. EPOD systems help to streamline a driver’s day. The driver uses a handheld mobile device to check deliveries against order records, and drivers can even print invoices if a suitable peripheral is purchased. By automating routine tasks, you increase productivity and reduce costs.

 Improved customer service

EPOD systems help provide a personal service. Drivers can make notes about customer preferences which can be observed by any other driver.

Reduced risk

EPOD software reduces a lot of the risks of paper records. Documents can no longer be lost, damaged, or misread. Everything is recorded digitally.

EPOD Data can be shared with other systems, so there’s no delay in the information flow between departments.  Problems can be dealt with immediately, in real time.

PODMonitor – Electronic Proof of Delivery System

If you require proof of delivery as signatures, photographs, scans of barcodes or RFID reads: you need PODMonitor. You can arrange deliveries using an intuitive interface, and track vehicles in real time with GPS and automatically inform customers when a delivery is due – or when it is delayed.

Secure cloud storage saves on servers, and the client application runs on drivers’ existing Android mobile devices. Tthe system is configurable to meet almost any requirement.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Android devices
  • Manages rentals, deliveries and collections
  • Issue receipts with a mobile printer or by email
  • Secure cloud-based data storage

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Waste Management

According to waste industry officials, RFID systems are becoming more and more common as a clever way to track containers. Waste management and recycling companies benefit from easy to use RFID technology.

Waste Management

RFID Systems for Waste Management

An intriguing use for Radio-frequency identification (RFID systems) is in pay-as-you-throw waste and recycling programs. RFID tags can be attached to assets such as waste and recycling containers and then data can be collected when the bins are full, automatically alerting the waste management company  to send a truck to empty them.

RFID is a powerful inventory management tool. It provides secure service verification and RFID systems can supply companies with valuable productivity data. RFID systems for asset management are being used in the waste and recycling industry for tracking, managing work and ensuring regular repairs are completed on waste containers. RFID can manage trucks and track a waste collection service in almost real time thanks to mobile data technology. The recycling trucks can be RFID tagged to monitor them, and every scan allows asset tracking of the bins.

Why invest in RFID Technology?

RFID systems allow manager to monitor many aspects of work, including progress of a list of tasks, missed areas, staff performance, condition of assets and more. Real-time data from RFID transponders improves productivity. The best RFID systems can even interface with other modules to improve service. Digitalquill produce integrated cloud-based mobile enabled RFID software modules that can cover every business need from staff time measurement to fire door monitoring.

Digitalquill – UK RFID Software Developers

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access control rfid systems

access control rfid systemsThere are many applications for RFID systems in the area of access control.  The fastest growing areas for access control RFID systems are: personnel access, gate or barrier control, such as controlling visitors to an office or to automate vehicular access to parking facilities.

Access Control RFID Systems for Personnel Access

RFID access for your business’s personnel may simply mean incorporating an RFID transponder in the worker’s ID badges.  RFID is far better than old fashioned magnetic stripe badges and does not wear out with repeated use in the same way.  RFID personnel access systems typically use low-frequency RFID systems.

Access Control RFID Systems Gate Control

RFID is often used in gate control for industrial facilities.  Electronic loop detectors can be used with RFID Systems to control the length of time the gate or barrier is open or to close the gate automatically after the vehicle has entered. RFID systems are far cheaper than a 24 hour gatekeeper and save time compared to a padlock system.

Other Uses for Access Control Systems

RFID cards, tags or badges can be used to control access to all sorts of areas, as well as monitoring inspections or measuring staff time keeping.  One-time RFID cards can be used for contractors, and nested areas allow a safe route to be enabled for staff, but access can be prevented from restricted areas.

AccessMonitor from Digitalquill

AccessMonitor is an RFID-based system used to control access points such as doors, roller shutters, vehicle barriers or gates. Your staff use an RFID transponder that can be affixed to a vehicle or integrated into their ID card or a key fob. The system is capable of triggering the opening or release mechanisms of your barrier through custom hardware integration.

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RFID systems

Many major companies, such as Honda, use RFID systems as part of their manufacturing process. It is not just the huge conglomerates that can benefit from RFID technology: Digitalquill’s RFID systems allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of manufacturing process monitoring at an affordable price.

Honda using RFID Technology

RFID systemsThe Honda Manufacturing plant in Indiana uses a radio frequency identification solution that allows its personnel to locate vehicles and to track their progress through the assembly process. The company has been able to eliminate many of the costs associated with car location, and it has reduced the time it takes for vehicles to be shipped. The system uses an RFID-reading Honda Civic, handheld readers and fixed reader gates situated around the facility.

The plant contains 1.3 million square feet of indoor space for vehicle assembly. The company employs 2,400 staff who produce 250,000 vehicles a year – around 500 vehicles during every eight-hour shift. That large volume makes managing the inventory of cars challenging. The passive RFID system allows Honda to efficiently locate parts or even a particular car. They can break down and locate all cars of a certain type, or all cars assembled on a certain date easily and quickly.

Each new car is tagged with an RFID transponder. The data on the transponder is checked at various points in the manufacturing process. Because of the success of the system, the company is now planning to use RFID to optimise workflow logistics at the site. An alert or e-mail will be sent if a vehicle stays in one location for a long period of time.

Manufacturing Process Monitoring with RFID Systems

Our production plant process monitor system is flexible. It allows you to do either automated or manual scans when the item that is being manufactured reaches a specified point in the manufacturing process. This enables analytics that give you information such as:

  • The supply of products
  • How many are in production?
  • How long on average before those already started will be completed?
  • Identify stoppages, delays and also pinch points
  • Alerts or emails when exceptions occur

RFID systems are not just for massive companies. The question is not whether you can afford to incorporate RFID technology into your manufacturing processes, but whether you can afford not to!

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Staff Time Monitor RFID Systems

One of the most time-consuming tasks for a manager is keeping track of your staff’s working time. Introducing Staff Time Monitor. Now RFID systems can replace clocking in machines and time sheets.

Staff Time Monitor – Timekeeping RFID Systems

Staff Time Monitor RFID SystemsIf it is left to the team to manage working time, you can never be sure that records are accurate. This puts you at risk of breaching the Working Time Regulations and could affect your payroll costs. If you rely on your staff time sheets for fire drills or payroll then it is absolutely critical that they are always as accurate and up-to date as possible.

With teams of maintenance staff or cleaners who do not work from a fixed base then the problems are compounded. You could easily lose track of which staff member is working where and how long they are spending on-site.

Automatic Staff Timekeeping Software

Staff Time Monitor as a powerful tool to record timekeeping for your staff. It is especially useful for teams of remote workers who do not have a fixed base – such as multi-site maintenance staff. Using RFID systems and the latest computer technology, it is possible for staff to record their time on and off-site using a staff ID card. The RFID scans are then used to generate detailed reports on their total time spent on site. You might even want to link Staff Time Monitor to your payroll system to automate the calculation of wages.

It is even possible to integrate our Staff Time Monitor system with our other modules. For example, you can connect it to our AccessMonitor system. This lets you use the same RFID card to allow staff access to and from your building, and also to log the time they spend in that building using the same data.

Digitalquill: Experts in RFID Systems

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Inspections with RFID Systems

Inspections with RFID SystemsDigitalquill’s NFC Grabber app is an affordable RFID solution to help you integrate RFID systems into your inspection processes. If you have a hotel, food outlet or you need to complete regular inspections of items or locations, then HF RFID systems can make your life easier.

NFC Grabber uses the NFC reader built into an inexpensive Android device to read the unique HF RFID transponder codes from embedded tags. It allows them to be accessed from another app, placed into the cursor’s location (for example to add them to a spreadsheet or other document) or sent to a configurable server via the internet.

By using a number of NFC transponders at specified locations, it is possible to require them to be scanned to prove that a location has been visited. RFID scans cannot be done remotely, and the transponder IDs cannot be duplicated. You can then use the scans to prove that Inspections took place for legislative requirements. This is ideal for fire safety or food hygiene inspections.

Monitoring Inspections with RFID systems

Digitalquill’s Inspection Monitor system uses RFID technology to track assets or locations you need regularly inspect – and it informs you immediately when a check has been missed or failed. This frees up time for managers and provides irrefutable evidence that checks have been done.

RFID transponders cannot be scanned remotely, cloned or copied. Your staff member has to have physically visited the location or asset the transponder is affixed to. You can relax in the knowledge that the work has been done. You will only need to review reports or system messages if something goes wrong.

If an exception does come up during a check, Inspection Monitor can automate the generation of tickets for repair teams: broken windows, missing bulbs and damaged doors can be corrected immediately. Because it is totally silent when all is going well, Inspection Monitor vastly reduces the amount of paperwork your managers need to sign off each day. You have complete flexibility to create checkpoints and group them into any number of inspections.

You can require checks to be completed in a specified sequence – for example for security patrols – or allow the flexibility for staff to manage their own workflows. So long as every HF RFID transponder scanned in the relevant timescale, you can give them the freedom to work as they wish. Every scan is safely recorded in a secure cloud server. You can show inspectors an audit trail and generate reports at the click of a mouse.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems and NFC

NFC Grabber is available from the Android Play Store. It can run on any Android device with a built-in NFC reader. We also produce an Inspection Monitor system that integrates with the app and can supply all of the hardware you will need. For queries about bulk-purchases of licences or for more information call us on 01482 424402 or email

Proof of Delivery

Proof of DeliveryAre you looking for a proof of delivery system? If you deliver or collect items from customers, then you no longer need to struggle with a paper-based process. Large couriers manage deliveries with hand-held terminals and RFID technology. It is now possible for businesses of any size to benefit from the technologically advanced RFID systems enjoyed by the huge delivery companies and multi-national conglomerates. This is all possible thanks to PODMonitor from Digitalquill.

Proof of Delivery and Proof of Collection

PODMonitor is a powerful Proof of Delivery application that can manage collection, deliveries and rentals – including stock management, picking and packing. It fully integrates with Digitalquill’s other products including AssetMonitor to give a truly integrated service with powerful reporting tools and market leading ease of use.

The main application operates through a browser, so system overheads are low. Your drivers can use your existing mobile devices, so you do not ned a large capital investment. And the affordable monthly subscription plans means that you can probably afford a high tech system for less than you think.

Proof of Delivery with Barcodes or RFID Systems

Whether you require proof of delivery as a signature, a photograph, a scan of a 2D or 3D barcode or even even an RFID read: PODMonitor can handle it. Arrange and rearrange deliveries using an intuitive click and drag interface, and track your vehicles in real-time using GPS. You can even automatically inform your customers when their delivery is due or delayed.

Because we use secure third party cloud storage you need not invest in expensive servers, and the client application can be run on your drivers’ existing mobile devices. Whatever your business needs, the system is fully configurable to meet your requirements and help you become more efficient.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Android and iOS devices
  • Manages deliveries and collections
  • Create tickets to pick and load stock
  • Issue receipts on-site with a mobile printer or via automated email
  • Secure cloud data storage

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Inventory Monitor RFID Systems

When your business holds stock, it is important to be able to identify exactly what you are holding at any time. It is not only important for accounting, but also for customer service. Some businesses still use paper manifests or old-fashioned DOS systems to try and control stock. If this sounds familiar you will be pleased to know you can upgrade to a modern system for less than you think. RFID systems for electronic stock control are available to every business thanks to Inventory Monitor.

Inventory Monitor RFID SystemsStock Management RFID Systems

Inventory Monitor is a highly advanced RFID-enabled Stock control system. It manages and monitor goods as they come in and out of your warehouse. As well as RFID systems it also works with barcodes – and it is a simple task for staff to use. They scan individual items or pallets in and out and stock levels are updated on the fly. You can add your own RFID transponders to palletsor boxes or use the stock’s existing barcodes. The system is flexible and fully configurable for a range of business applications.

Inventory Monitor – Easy Stock Control

It is simple  to find out the location of items. You move stock from place to place with a single scan. Stock levels can be broken down by location or site, as well as monitored globally. Because of this, you will always know where your assets are located. When you transport a group of items – such as a pallet – the system can be configured to handle all of the contents with a single scan. Inventory Monitor saves you time and money.  It can link to your supply chain system to trigger new orders for items with low stock levels.

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CRM RFID systems

Garages, hair salons, tanning salons and more are realising the importance of keeping an effective customer database on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Whether you want to introduce a loyalty scheme to encourage repeat business or improve customer service by making staff instantly aware of a client’s purchase history, Digitalquill’s Client Management System is the solution.

Customer Relationship Management RFID Systems

CRM RFID systemsThe Client Management System is a powerful and fully-featured customer relationship management system for service companies including hairdressers and beauty salons. By issuing customers with an inexpensive RFID-enabled loyalty card, staff no longer need to remember every customer’s individual needs and expectations: a full history of all of the customer’s activities can be shown right on-screen – so the customer gets the service they deserve, and feel more valued.

Personal Service – Even at Multiple Sites

The Client Management System is a particularly powerful tool for multi-site businesses. No matter which of your retail locations the customer visits, they can get the personal level of service they expect from any member of staff. So whether you are a beautician or a mechanic, you can keep a full and accurate record of every interaction between every customer and your business all at the click of a mouse.

Data at your Fingertips

Client Management System Records everything about yours customers – and can be integrated directly into your marketing system including social media, text messaging and email. Full analytics are available on usage of each individual stream, so you can target customers who only use a single service and attract them to use more. The system can even can book a customer appointment to a specific time, technician and room if necessary – and automated text message appointment reminders to customers  on the morning of the booking help you to reduce missed appointments.

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