ID Card

ID CardBusinesses don’t just need to attract new customers: it is just as important to retain those they already have. There is a reason why the biggest retailers in the world invest millions of pounds in loyalty schemes. They can afford to give their customers some of their money back on their shopping because loyal customers spend more money with them. Retailers can track customer behaviour, see what is selling well, when people shop, and they can target marketing with pinpoint accuracy to tightly selected demographics. Business intelligence is one the key differentiator that makes a growing business grow faster, especially if you are in a mature market.

Can You Afford To Ignore Customer Loyalty?

RFID systems are ideal for customer loyalty schemes. Our Client Management System is used in a number of retailers – including beauty salons: The customer scans their card every time they visit, and they build up discounts the more they spend. The salon knows what services are being used and so they can target them with tailored marketing to persuade them to try new treatments. The same will go for many other types of business: such as hairdressers, garages, tanning salons and more.

Loyalty Cards Through RFID Systems

The Digitalquill Client Management System is a powerful and fully-featured customer relationship management (CRM) system for the service sector. By issuing inexpensive RFID cards, your staff no longer need to remember every customer’s individual needs and expectations because a full history of all of their prior contacts with the company are displayed on-screen when the card is read – so the customer gets the service they deserve every single time.

Personal Service Across Multiple Sites

The Client Management System is especially useful for multi-site businesses. No matter which of your locations the customer attends, they get a personal service. You have a full, accurate record of every interaction between the customer and your business.

Digitalquill RFID Experts

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Roller Shutter Fire Door Monitor

Roller Shutter Fire Door MonitorFire Door Monitor from Digitalquill is renowned as one of the most flexible, unintrusive ways to meet your Fire Safety obligations. The system uses RFID systems to check fire doors are kept closed and alerts management if they are left propped open. This helps you fulfil your legal responsibilities and provides unequivocal evidence of compliance that is securely stored offsite in the cloud. It’s not just Fire Doors that need to be monitored – if you have a warehouse building or a shop with electronic shutters than you want to make sure they are kept closed for security purposes.

Alerts for Open Doors and Shutters

If you have a warehouse with a roller shutter, you probably have problems with staff leaving it open – especially in the summer. As a result, people might even walk into your building off the street! Our monitoring system allows management to constantly monitor the door so if it left open you can call down and ask for it to be closed. The system is flexible enough to be set up to automatically monitor other access points too – if you have a “closedown” routine at the end of the day you could use the system to make sure all the windows are closed. If you have temperature-controlled areas such as walk-in freezers, you could use the system to check that the doors to your cold room are kept closed. Fire door monitor is probably the most versatile door and inspection monitoring system using RFID systems.

RFID Systems for Inspections

The Inspection Monitoring part of the system uses a number of RFID transponders placed discreetly on each door or window you wish to monitor. The software can be configured with your inspection schedules to inform a specific person when a check needs to be done. Magnetic catches can be easily installed onto each door or window, which will alert you by email or SMS if it is opened for longer than a specified time. A full online reporting suite lets you see which doors or windows are being opened and how long they are staying that way.

Simple to Install Wirefree Door Monitoring System

Fire Door Monitor is simple to install in your building. Because it is a cloud-based system, it links up to your existing internet gateway. It can be used as a self-contained system over a 3G or 4G mobile connection if you prefer. When you use mobile connectivity, there will be no need to run lengthy wires around the building: We simply attach wireless devices to each door or window, with repeaters being used to extend the range of the central hub. The hub is connected to the internet through either your existing gateway or a mobile data connection.

Low-Cost Door Monitoring

Fire Door Monitor is available for a low monthly fee. All you need to purchase up front are the hardware sensors and the connection hub. Call us today on 01482 424402 or email for more information.


rental monitor rfid systems

rental monitor rfid systemsIf you are in the business of renting out large or expensive items such as cars, plant machinery or heavy-duty power tools, then there are many risks involved. How can you keep track of the property that is on loan? How can you ensure your staff collect the right details about the client to be able to trace the items if they are not returned on time? And how can you make sure that your staff complete all of your pre and post-rental safety checks and maintenance?

Rental Monitor: Manage retail rentals with RFID systems

RentalMonitor from Digitalquill is a tool that uses RFID systems to manage the rental of assets in a retail environment. It allows items embedded with an inexpensive RFID transponder to be tracked, monitored, controlled and helps you make sure they are returned. You are informed when items are due for rental – or when they are due to be returned. You can automatically generate pre-rental and post-rental service tickets and keep up-to-date with progress by email or SMS message. You can even prevent rentals from taking place at all until staff have captured configurable key information and identity documents from the client. There’s no paperwork to misplace due to our secure off-site cloud storage.

The scripts staff use for the handover and return of items can be fully customised. You can make sure that briefings are given, all instructions are supplied and that any damage is recorded when the asset is issued or returned. The customer database allows you to store a copy of photo ID to confirm customers’ identities as well as storing their details to make repeat rentals simple. Your assets can even be tracked by GPS with the appropriate type of transponders.

RFID Systems for Temporary Equipment Loans

RentalMonitor can also be used to manage the temporary issue of tools and equipment to your staff or contractors. If you loan out items to employees and need to ensure they are returned, simply fit them with RFID transponders and use RentalMonitor to know who has them at any given time. Our software is trusted all over the world, versatile and monthly subscriptions are extremely cost-effective.

RentalMonitor from Digitalquill

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ID Card

ID CardMonitoring staff time is a pain. Whether you need records of who is on-site in case of a fire evacuation or use timesheets to calculate payroll, you have a choice between cumbersome spreadsheet solutions or a twentieth-century paper-based system – until now. Imagine if you could use RFID systems to measure and monitor your staff’s attendance, even if they work alone or cover multiple sites? Staff Time Monitor from Digitalquill is the answer to your prayers.

Staff Time Monitor

One of the most time-consuming tasks for a manager is keeping track of staff timekeeping. If it is left to the team members themselves you can never be sure that records are accurate, and if you rely on your staff time sheets for fire drills or pay then it is absolutelycritical that they are accurate and up-to date.

Offsite workers are even more problematic to manage. If you have a team of maintenance staff or cleaners who do not work from a fixed base then the problems compound and you could easily lose track of which staff member is working where and how long they are spending on-site. Phone-in systems are fine, but can be manipulated. What you need is a solution that uses RFID systems than cannot be cloned or remotely scanned to verify that a member of staff actually did attend a specific location at a specific time. Introducing Staff Time Monitor – the clocking in machine for the 21st century.

Automatic Staff Timekeeping Software

Staff Time Monitor as a powerful tool to record timekeeping for staff, especially remote workers who do not have a fixed base such as multi-site maintenance staff. Using RFID technology, it is possible for staff to record their time on and off-site using a staff ID card and the scans can be used to report on their total time spent on site, and calculate the payment of wages. You can even integrate it with our AccessMonitor system to manage staff access to and from your buildings with their ID card. The same system, connected to our RFID systems software, can also be used to manage the staff’s workloads. Inspection Monitor allows you to generate task lists and verify with an RFID scan that a location was visited by the staff member.

Digitalquill: Experts in RFID systems

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RFID stands for “Radio-frequency identification” and although you might not realise is, RFID tags are to be found almost everywhere. You’ll find them in ID badges, credit cards, and even in pets!

Did you realise the potential of RFID Systems?

Billions and billions of RFID tags are being used all over the world. RFID use is growing, and it is one of the technologies that helps to make the world more connected. RFID transponders are tiny devices with a “memory” that holds an ID number and sometimes other data, as well as a transceiver that can send and receive data. The most common type, passive RFID tags, have no power source –they are actually powered by the radio waves from an RFID reader. When an RFID reader comes within a few feet of an RFID transponder, it can exchange data to identify the data from the tag embedded in the item. The most common use of RFID systems is to identify individual items.

Here are some of the more interesting uses of RFID technology.

Fender guitars

Fender, the world-famous guitar maker has embedded RFID transponders in over 30,000 of its instruments, to uniquely identify each guitar. The IDs can be read by dealers, police, and repair shops. If a guitar is stolen, police can identify the owner.

Casino chips

RFID Systems

Unique RFID transponders in poker chips let the casino track the amount of money gamblers are spending, and on which tables.

Beating counterfeiters

Fake goods are a major problem the world over. In China, some brands are using RFID systems to fight back. Louis Vuitton bags are embedded with a unique RFID code, so a fake can be identified.

Tracking production

With embedded RFID tags, products and raw materials can be tracked wherever a reader is situated. A lot of factories use RFID systems to measure how long it takes to make a product.

Identifying pets

One of the earliest mass-market uses of RFID systems was to ‘chip’ pets such as dogs and cats. In Europe and the USA, pets are implanted with an RFID transponder when they are young. If a pet is found after going missing, the RFID chip can be scanned to locate the owner’s contact information.

Hospital Hygiene

Some hospitals issue staff with an RFID wristband that improves hygiene conditions by recording when they have washed their hands at an RFID enabled tap.

Theme Park passes

Disney World in Florida use a credit card-style ticket with an RFID tag inside –so customers can walk straight through barriers without having to root about in pockets for their ticket.

Digitalquill: Experts in RFID Systems

These are just a tiny handful of the ways RFID systems are being used today all over the world. As RFID transponders become cheaper and smaller, we will see even more creative uses of RFID technology. If your business could benefit from RFID, contact Digitalquill on 01482 424402.

Asset Monitor

Inspection Monitor is a powerful and flexible way to add RFID system to your compliance checks – for any type of business. Our cost-effective inspection management system runs on Android/iOS portable devices in conjunction with an RFID reader. It allows you to create, run and report on your inspection programmes.

Asset Monitor

Inspection Monitor –RFID Enabled Compliance Checks

Inspection Monitor uses RFID technology to track the assets or locations that you need to inspect regularly – and it informs you immediately by either SMS or email if a check is missed or is failed. This frees up valuable time for managers and provides irrefutable evidence that checks have been done. That is crucial when your company policy or legislation has to be be followed.

Irrefutable Evidence

RFID evidence of checks taking place is irrefutable because the RFID transponder ID cannot be remotely scanned or cloned. Your staff member has to have physically visited the location or asset n question to scan the transponder. You will only ever be requried to read and review system reports or alerts if something has gone wrong – total peace of mind.

Automatic Ticket Generation

When an issue arises during a check, Inspection Monitor can automate the generation of a work ticket to assign your repair team to rectify the fault: so broken windows, blown bulbs and faulty fixtures can be corrected immediately. And because the system stays silent when all is going well, Inspection Monitor system vastly reduces the amount of paperwork your managers have to complete.

Flexible and Adaptable RFID Systems

You have full flexibility to create as many checkpoints as you require and you can group them into any number of different inspections. You can require that they are completed in a specified sequence, for example to manage security patrols, or allow your staff flexibility to manage their own workflow – as long as all locations or assets are scanned within the required timescale. The scans and inspections are uploaded to secure cloud storage via wifi or 4G mobile data so you can show inspectors a clear audit trail and create reports at the click of a button.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

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Inspection Monitor

NFC Grabber – Mobile App

RFID Systems NFC grabberNFC Grabber utilises the NFC reader in your Android device to read the unique HF RFID codes in RFID transponders and allow them to be placed into a keyboard input (for example a spreadsheet or document) accessed via another app, or sent to a server on the internet.

You simply purchase NFC transponders and attach them to pallets or roll cages. It is then possible to use them instead of barcodes or other systems to monitor stock levels and locations in a warehouse. Transponders that are placed on or in high-value assets such as computers, solar panels or rental equipment can be used to track them as they move around your premises. It is even possible to use RFID Systems for monitoring inspection regimes to prove that a certain location has been visited by a staff member. RFID transponders cannot be remotely scanned, and their ID numbers cannot be duplicated.

Asset Tracking using HF RFID Systems

The Digitalquill Asset Monitor System lets you keep track of your business assets. You can immediately find out where an item is; where it has been; and see a history of its movements at the click of a button. As it is not industry-specific, AssetMonitor can be used to track anything from shipping containers to plant machinery. Since Asset Monitor links in with other Digitalquill software modules such as our Rental Monitor system, it can be used for everything from picking and packing to tracking deliveries.

Asset Monitor from Digitalquill

Asset Monitor is one of our flexible and configurable RFID systems that can fulfil all of your RFID asset tracking requirements. You simply specify the details of the asset, and then the data fields you wish to be associated with it. You always have total control and you can configure customised inspections or supply chains quickly and easily.

What’s more, Asset Monitor brings you powerful business intelligence. You know exactly where your assets are, and when they are due back through the use of intelligent estimates derived from your data. This helps you predict future stock shortages; plan your delivery routes; and schedule your collections. The reports can include average supply chain time or average asset life, and they are calculated and updated in real time.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems and NFC

NFC Grabber is available from the Android Play Store. It is compatible with any Android device that has a built-in NFC reader. We also supply an Asset Monitor system that works with the app and we can supply HF RFID transponders and Android tablets. For queries about bulk-purchases of licences or for more information on the product, call us on 01482 424402 or email

Fire Door Monitoring Software System

Fire Door Monitoring Software SystemThe ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and BS 9999 stipulate that you have to complete checks for every fire door in your work premises. Fire Door Monitor from Digitalquill is the most advanced Fire Door Inspection app available today. Whether you want to simply record your inspections and keep a record for the fire authorities or use RFID systems to streamline and automate your fire door inspections, Fire Door Monitor can help.

Fire Door Inspection System

If you opt for the full Fire Door Monitor system, the NFC protocol ensures you do not need to invest in new hand-held devices: all the fire door inspector needs is an NFC-enabled mobile phone.

Full irrefutable records are retained in the cloud, and updated in real time. This means that losing a device need not mean losing data. Your fire door check records can be reported in real time using advanced web-based reporting tools.

Your inspection schedules can be set up and maintained entirely within the system and you are alerted when inspections are missed. Notifications can be received by email or SMS and you will not be bothered by endless notifications so long as everything is running as it should.

Fire Door Monitoring solution

The Fire Door Inspection part of the system can be integrated with our full Fire Door Monitor system: which incorporates magnetic catches on each fire door – alerting you after it has been opened for a specified time. This means that even if your nominated fire safety officer is not based on-site, their duties under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005 or any other national standards are fulfilled.

The system can register 31 or more checks and it allows the flexibility for administrators to switch various components on or off to suit your needs. For further customisation, you can add your own criteria to the system.

User Friendly Fire Door Software

The process for end users is simple: they open the Fire Door Inspection App on a smartphone, scan the door’s RFID tag, answer a series of questions by tapping on screen and, if the door fails a check, record a reason why. Failed checks generate a configurable notification to management.

The system uses embedded RFID systems to uniquely identify each fire door. RFID transponders cannot be cloned, so the transponder scan proves the door was visited. If a question was failed last time, the app can show an onscreen icon, so the inspector can check the relevant remedial action was been taken.

RFID transponders are unobtrusive and simple to install. They consist of either a 20mm disc, or an embedded glass transponder fitted inside the door frame. The system respects your corporate environment and keeps your staff safe.

Digitalquill – Experts in Fire Door Inspection Systems

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Staff Time Monitor

Staff Time MonitorDid you know that timesheet was invented in 1888 by the company that would eventually become IBM? Now businesses need a more advanced way of tracking staff time – especially if they work for multiple clients or from different sites. Computer-based employee monitoring in conjunction with RFID systems can be used to measure productivity, track attendance, maintain security and collect irrefutable proof of hours worked at a multitude of different sites.

Staff Time Monitor – Powerful Staff Tracking Tool

Staff Time Monitor is a powerful RFID-enabled tool from Digitalquill that can be used to record timekeeping for your staff. It is especially useful for remote workers who do not have a fixed base such as multi-site maintenance staff.

How do Working Time Monitoring RFID Systems Work?

Using the power of RFID technology, it is possible for your staff to record their time of arrival at and departure from a site using a staff ID card. The scans can then be used to generate a report on their total time spent on site and calculate the payment of their wages. The system can alternatively be linked to many other means of staff identification such as biometrics, telephone call-ins or taps on a mobile application. However you choose to work, Staff Time Monitor is versatile enough to adapt.

Digitalquill – RFID Systems Working in Harmony

Your Staff Time Monitor subscription can be integrated with our other software products, for example, Lone Working Monitor, Access Monitor or Inspection Monitor to create a holistic RFID-enabled solution you can use for staff management across one or more sites.

Key Features

  • RFID staff cards can be used to record entry and exit to buildings
  • Can be linked to software to automatically calculate wages
  • Reports are available of time spent on-site
  • Can be integrated with other Digitalquill tools

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

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Power Tool Rental RFID SYstems

Power Tool Rental RFID SYstemsDo you run a business that rents out expensive items? Perhaps you hire out large lawnmowers or plant equipment? Or even vehicles? Both rental software and asset tracking software is available, but to achieve the best results – and to keep costs down – you need a combined solution. You need Rental Monitor from Digitalquill.

Keep Track of Hired Out Assets with RentalMonitor

RentalMonitor is a powerful tool for managing the rental of large and high-value assets in a retail environment. It integrates with RFID technology to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned. No more paper forms, everything is controlled and managed automatically.

Rental Monitor – Product Rental RFID Systems

Stay informed when items are due for rental, late for return, and automatically generate pre-rental and post-rental servicing tickets through integration with email or SMS. No rental can take place without the capture of key information, and secure off-site storage prevents paperwork from being misplaced.

How does Rental Monitor Work?

You have full control of scripts for handover and return of items, allowing you to ensure that briefings are given, instructions are supplied and that any damage is reported when the item is issued or returned – and the customer database allows you to capture photographic ID to confirm identities and store customer details for repeat rentals. Assets can even be tracked by GPS for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Key features of Rental Monitor

  • Force users to Capture key information before allowing rental – e.g. Contact details
  • Reuse customer data for repeat rentals, saving time and reducing errors
  • Facility to capture photo ID to associate with customer records
  • Automatically trigger customer reminders when equipment is due to be returned
  • Generate tickets for service and maintenance of assets

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

Digitalquill are experts in RFID systems, and RentalMonitor forms part of our suite of RFID-enabled software solutions. Out affordable pricing structures mean that RFID tracking and RFID asset management are within reach of even the smallest business. Call us today on 01482 424402 to find out more.