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Almost anything can have an RFID transponder attached to or embedded in it, but vehicles present a unique set of problems: they are made of metal glass and move around. Why would you want to use RFID Systems to track vehicles?

Tracking Vehicles with RFID Systems

Three of the most common reasons to use RFID systems with vehicles are access control, identification, and tracking.

Access Control with RFID Systems

With a system like Access Monitor you can control access points such as doors, roller shutters, vehicle barriers and gates through RFID technology. Staff gain access via an RFID transponder which can be affixed to a vehicle or integrated into an ID card or key fob – and the system can trigger the barrier’s opening or release mechanism through hardware integration with any number of access control points.

Using RFID to Identify Vehicles

Businesses such as car rental specialists can use a system like Rental Monitor to manage the rental of vehicles using RFID Systems. It is a powerful tool for managing the rental of assets and it integrates with RFID technology to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned.

Tracking vehicles using RFID

By using tracking points at different locations on a vehicle’s route you can use RFID systems to understand the location of a vehicle in almost real-time. This is useful for example in delivery vehicles, where a system such as PODMonitor can be used to track deliveries and inform customers of estimated delivery times on the fly.

How to RFID tag a vehicle

There are various approaches to tagging a vehicle, for examples:

Windscreen Tags

An RFID tag on the windscreen can be scanned as the vehicle passes through a fixed point or scanned with an RFID reading wand by staff at control points.

RFID Hang Tags

Under the right conditions, RFID tags hung from a rear view mirror can be read at a distance of up to 20 metres. As they are temporary they can be moved between vehicles as the need arises.

Embedded Tags

Depending on the location of your readers, the vehicle can have RFID tags embedded almost anywhere in the bodywork or on the registration plate,

Tagging the Driver

The driver can be issued with an RFID identification card that is swiped or scanned as they move through access points.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

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Power Tool Rental RFID SYstems

Power Tool Rental RFID SYstemsDo you run a business that rents out expensive items? Perhaps you hire out large lawnmowers or plant equipment? Or even vehicles? Both rental software and asset tracking software is available, but to achieve the best results – and to keep costs down – you need a combined solution. You need Rental Monitor from Digitalquill.

Keep Track of Hired Out Assets with RentalMonitor

RentalMonitor is a powerful tool for managing the rental of large and high-value assets in a retail environment. It integrates with RFID technology to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned. No more paper forms, everything is controlled and managed automatically.

Rental Monitor – Product Rental RFID Systems

Stay informed when items are due for rental, late for return, and automatically generate pre-rental and post-rental servicing tickets through integration with email or SMS. No rental can take place without the capture of key information, and secure off-site storage prevents paperwork from being misplaced.

How does Rental Monitor Work?

You have full control of scripts for handover and return of items, allowing you to ensure that briefings are given, instructions are supplied and that any damage is reported when the item is issued or returned – and the customer database allows you to capture photographic ID to confirm identities and store customer details for repeat rentals. Assets can even be tracked by GPS for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Key features of Rental Monitor

  • Force users to Capture key information before allowing rental – e.g. Contact details
  • Reuse customer data for repeat rentals, saving time and reducing errors
  • Facility to capture photo ID to associate with customer records
  • Automatically trigger customer reminders when equipment is due to be returned
  • Generate tickets for service and maintenance of assets

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

Digitalquill are experts in RFID systems, and RentalMonitor forms part of our suite of RFID-enabled software solutions. Out affordable pricing structures mean that RFID tracking and RFID asset management are within reach of even the smallest business. Call us today on 01482 424402 to find out more.






Rental Monitor RFID systems

If your business rents out large or valuable items such as plant machinery or garden tools, then there are significant risks involved. How do you keep track of property that been booked out? How do you make sure staff collect sufficient details about the client so you can trace the items if they are not returned on time? And can you check that your staff have completed pre and post-rental safety checks and servicing? All this is possible with RFID systems.

Rental Process Management Software

Rental Monitor RFID systemsRentalMonitor is a tool for managing the rental of assets. It integrates with RFID systems to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned. Keep informed when items are due for rental – or due to be returned. Automatically generate pre-rental and post-rental servicing tickets that integrate with email or SMS. Prevent rentals from taking place unless staff have captured key information. And prevent paperwork from being misplaced with secure off-site storage.

Scripts for the handover and return of items are fully customisable. You can ensure that briefings are given, instructions are supplied and that damage is recorded whenever the item is issued or returned. The customer database allows you to store photographic ID to confirm customers’ identities as well as storing their details for future repeat rentals. Your assets can even be tracked by GPS if you need the ultimate in peace of mind.

RFID Systems for Temporary Equipment Loans

RentalMonitor is also suitable for managing the temporary loan of tools and equipment to staff or contractors. Do you give out items to employees and need to make sure you get them back? Just fit them with RFID transponders and use RentalMonitor to ensure you know who has them at any time. Our software is trusted, versatile and cost-effective – no wonder the name Digitalquill is synonymous with RFID systems all over the world!

RentalMonitor from Digitalquill

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