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Rural Internet solution Point to Point across a valley

Rural Internet solution Point to Point across a valleyBusinesses in a rural setting such as farms or guesthouses can often struggle to get a good internet connection in isolated locations. If you have access to a fast internet connection at some point on your site, then you do not need to wait until broadband coverage is rolled out, and you do not need to dig holes for cable runs at great expense: with point to point internet it is possible to transmit internet connectivity from a location that does to another that does not – so long as there is a line of sight between the two.

Improve rural Internet coverage with a point to point system

Some weird and wonderful ideas are being promoted to improve rural phone network coverage, such as mounting masts onto church spires, but for many in the countryside – and some in urban locations – a fast internet connection is a dream. This is especially true if you have an internet connection in one place – such as a house or office building – but need to access data at another building that is across a road or otherwise separated – we have even sent network traffic across a valley in North Yorkshire!

Point to Point Internet

The good news is that so long as there is a line of sight between the two locations, Digitalquill can supply and fit a point to point internet system that will send network traffic quickly and securely between two sites without the need for extra cables. If your network needs altering and your routers need upgrading to handle the traffic and separate it for security, we can handle that too.

Digitalquill – Experts in Rural Broadband

If you would like to have point to point internet installed so you can beam your broadband to locations that do not enjoy a fast speed but are within line of sight of one of your buildings that does, give us a call on 01482 424402 or email us at

Free WiFi Hull IT Support

Free WiFi Hull IT SupportPublic WiFi hotspots can be really useful if you need to access the internet when you are away from home or work. But not all WiFi connections are secure and they can be used by criminals to steal your data.


This technique is used by criminals to capture the data you send over a WiFi network. They can steal login names, passwords and other information and then sell it on or use it to access your system. It is especially dangerous if you have the login details stored (or “cached”) on your device as they are sent across the network without you typing them in.

Evil Access Points

Sometimes criminals set up authentic-sounding WiFi access points to trick you into connecting to them. The network name could be a familiar company name or simply “FreeWiFI”. You actually connect to the criminal’s computer and all the information you type in goes straight to them.

How To Stay Safe on Public WiFi

There are some simple ways to stay safe on public WiFi networks:

Use a VPN

Digitalquill can provide you with a secure VPN for business travel. It encrypts data sent to and from your device so even if you connect to a malicious computer, your data will not be able to be read.

Can it wait?

If your activity is not essential, don’t do it over public WiFI. Tempting as it may be to check your bank balance on the move with your banking app, you risk losing your login details – and money – by doing so.

Use Mobile Data

If you are unsure, don’t connect to a public WiFI hotspot – use your phone’s 3G or 4G connection instead. Data passed over such a network is encrypted.

Digitalquill – WiFi Experts in Hull

For advice on internet security for small businesses and Hull IT support call Digitalquill on 01482 424402 or visit to find out more. If you want to set up a WiFi hotspot for your Hull business, call us – we can help with that too!


outdoor wifi hotspot

We expect WiFi access everywhere these days, and not just indoors. You might want an outdoor WiFI access point to offer for customers to your café, garden centre or activity centre. If your business has a yard or outdoor area then you might need outdoor WiFi for your staff to connect to as they work. You can’t just take a normal WiFi router or extender and put it outdoors: you need a dedicated outdoor WiFI Hotspot.

Outdoor WiFi Hotspot

outdoor wifi hotspotOur outdoor WiFi hotspot is a system that allows you to offer an outdoor wireless connection to customers, clients or staff. The hardware is discreet and water-resistant. Because it is designed for outdoor use, you do not need to worry about expensive equipment being damaged through misuse. You can either create a new network or extend your existing indoor WiFi to cover your outdoor areas.

Outdoor Public WiFi

If you need a public outdoor WiFi solution then we can help to separate it from your business network. Our software management system means you can provide paid for WiFi access outdoors. Each connection can be throttled so that users all get a fair share of bandwidth and if your main connection is shared you can ensure you keep sufficient bandwidth to one side for essential business use.

Features and benefits

Why should you choose our outdoor WiFi system?

·         Ready to go – we can take care of the installation and setup for you

  • Water resistant hardware designed for use in outdoor WiFi
  • Small size for discreet installation

Digitalquill – Experts in Outdoor WiFi

Digitalquill are not just an RFID systems provider in Hull. We also offer IT support to Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and our data terminals are used by companies all over the world. For more information on outdoor WiFi, call us on 01482 424402 or email




Many businesses now offer free WiFi to their customers. In fact, it is now an almost essential offering for many service companies. Customers expect to be able to connect to the internet in cafes, coffee shops and public waiting areas. If you offer WiFi to your customers, you must be aware of some potential risks. Don’t think it won’t happen to you: half of all UK businesses were subjected to attempted cyber attacks last year.

Free Wifi Security
Using free tools, we could identify every device on the network
Free Wifi Security
A hacker could easily exploit these open ports and steal your data – or worse

Free Wi-Fi: The Risk for Businesses


Keep your free  WiFi connection separated from your Point of Sale or payment processing systems. Otherwise, you are in breach of PCI-DSS rules, and your customers’ credit card data is at risk. If you share a connection with business systems, you could also find your customers hogging all of your bandwidth. If this happens, your main business internet connection will run slowly and impact the business.


We recently visited a major UK tourist attraction whose open free WiFi allowed us to scan all devices on the network. As an illustration, we scanned a printer, so we did not invade anyone’s privacy, but a hacker could have searched these devices for open ports or other vulnerabilities. They could even connect to your router and install malware. You did change the default router password to a secure alternative password when it was installed, didn’t you…?

Digitalquill – Experts in Cyber Security

If your business has, or wants to offer, your customers free WiFi, call us.

  • We can help you achieve PCI DSS compliance. This is essential if you take credit card payments.
  • We can supply, install, configure and support PCI-DSS compliant routers. We will keep business and customer networks separate, and ensure that a cap is in place to provide sufficient business bandwidth.
  • You may want to consider a backup internet connection. That way, if your fixed line internet goes down, you can continue to trade.
  • Digitalquill are security experts. We can conduct an audit of your business and identify where and how you are vulnerable to cyber attack or ransomware. We can supply the software, hardware and know-how to get your IT security policies up to scratch.

For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email

Emergency Internet Access

Emergency Internet AccessFor businesses, losing internet access can be incredibly damaging. Enquiries will be missed, orders will be lost, and productivity will fall. Every minute you are offline costs you money. Have you got plans for emergency internet access?

Even the best internet connections fail occasionally. If your business relies on the internet, it’s a good idea to make plans for emergency internet access. This means your business will be able to cope if your connection goes down.

Here are five ways to get your business back online.

1: Ask your neighbours.

If you share premises with another business, you may consider setting up a reciprocal arrangement to share internet connections with them. If one fails, you can borrow from the other. In Hull and East Yorkshire, this may not be feasible due to the lack of choice of internet providers.

2: Work from another location

A lot of big companies have multiple locations, and so they can decamp to emergency premises when there are problems. For smaller firms, though, this is often too expensive.

3: Start working flexibly

Although you can find free wireless internet in cafes, restaurants and pubs, these are not safe for business use. Regus, an online directory of ‘coworking’ spaces designed for mobile workers, could be useful to find business friendly wifi locations nearby – at a cost.

4: Buy a backup line.

If you are based in an area with a choice of internet providers, you could buy a backup broadband connection from another provider. It may not be as fast as your main connection but can get you online in an emergency. Beware, though: most internet providers share the same infrastructure so a problem with the cables would mean both connections going down!

5: Use the mobile internet

Mobile 4G broadband connections are available from all of the major mobile phone networks. You either buy a small ‘dongle’ to plug into your computer or a MiFi device (similar to a router) which connects you to the internet. Mobile connections can suffer from coverage problems, but if you work in an area with a good signal, it is an effective temporary option for emergency internet access.

Redundant Internet Connections for Hull and East Yorkshire

Digitalquill can provide your business with a second backup internet connection that takes over if the first one fails. This provides business continuity in the event of an internet outage. The cost is a fraction of what you would lose if your internet were to go down for a lengthy period.

Digitalquill can help with Emergency Internet Access

We can install an over the air, 4G or point to point connection. Just give us a call to discuss your needs on 01482 424402, or email

Rural Internet solution Point to Point across a valley

We are currently in the middle of a job in North Yorkshire and we could not wait to post about it. We are working for a great company ‘The Model Centre‘ in Beck Hole near Goathland. They have been struggling for years running their ecommerce and holiday cottage businesses using an almost unusable internet connection.

We have beamed internet from another property across the valley giving them much faster speeds. There is still probably a day or more work to be done, however, we thought you would like a sneak preview… Can you spot where we are beaming the internet to?

Rural Internet solution Point to Point across a valley

Redundant Internet Connection

Redundant Internet ConnectionWe are currently working with one of our IT support clients in Hull who have a fibre internet connection from Kingston Communications. Their business relies on this internet connection for everything from communication to stock control to order fulfilment. Without the internet, they have no business. They needed the peace of mind that if their internet were to fail they would still be able to continue operating their business – as downtime would cost them money and customer confidence.

How would you cope if your internet connection failed?

We have installed a redundant internet connection for their peace of mind. That is a second backup internet connection which will take over if the first one fails, providing a business continuity plan  in the event of an outage. The cost, at around £30 per month, is a fraction of what losing their internet connection would cost them. We have heard of businesses losing their connection when workers cut through a cable and it taking weeks for normal service to be resumed.

Even if you are outside of the Hull area in Lincolnshire of East Yorkshire and are able to choose between internet providers, it is not enough to simply sign up with two different ISPs: they all share the same cables so if one went down so would the other. We can help in this situation too with an over the air, 4G or point to point connection, just give us a call to discuss your needs.

In many cases it will be possible to use the second connection along with ‘load balancing’. This combines both of your connections for a faster download speed, and means that instead of paying for a backup internet line just for business continuity – and never using it, it forms a seamless part of your overall internet connection.

Digitalquill Backup Internet Connection

If your Hull or East Yorkshire business needs the peace of mind of a guaranteed internet connection, or you wish to arrange for a backup internet connection to be installed we can help. Call Digitalquill on 01482 424402, email or visit