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Inspection Monitor RFID Systems

The Scunthorpe Telegraph reported this week how one North Lincolnshire takeaway restaurant got no stars in its Local Authority hygiene inspection. Three others scored just one star. With Inspection Monitor, you can get rid of almost all your health and safety paperwork by using RFID systems.

HACCP Checks with RFID Systems

Inspection Monitor RFID SystemsInspection Monitor RFID SystemsIf you run a Scunthorpe food business that needs checks to be done and recorded – for example, HACCP checks (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Checks) – then you can now benefit from a tool that does away with paper checklists. Make sure you can prove that you keep work areas clean when it’s time for your local authority inspection.

Inspection Monitor is a powerful and flexible way to make compliance checks simple using RFID systems. This cost-effective system will run on your existing Android/iOS portable devices or on dedicated mobile terminals – which we can also provide for you.

Inspection Monitor uses RFID systems to track assets or locations you regularly inspect. It informs you immediately if staff miss or fail a check. This frees up management time, and also provides irrefutable evidence that the checks were done. This is essential where policy or health legislation must be complied with.

Keep Evidence of Health and Safety Checks

RFID systems are safe and secure because RFID transponders cannot be scanned remotely, copied or cloned. Your staff member must have physically visited the location where the transponder is located in order to scan it. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that the work has been done. Managers only review reports or system messages if something goes wrong. Inspection Monitor is completely silent when all is going well. This means it can vastly reduce the amount of paperwork your managers must sign off each day.

Flexible and adaptable Inspection Monitoring RFID Systems

With Inspection Monitor, you have the flexibility to create as many checkpoints as you need. You can group them together into almost any number of inspection routines. Furthermore, you can either require checks to be completed in a specified sequence or allow your staff to manage their own workflows. Every scan and every inspection is safely recorded in our secure cloud servers. As a result, you can provide health inspectors with an audit trail and generate reports for them at the click of a mouse.

Digitalquill: Inspection Monitor

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Temperature Monitor

Temperature Monitor from Digitalquill is the perfect solution for businesses with cold rooms or commercial greenhouses.  The system helps you maintain a constant environmental temperature. If your cold room or greenhouse temperature goes outside of the allowable range then the results could be catastrophic. Often, it puts people in danger. What you need is a system that will monitor the temperature in the background, and alert you when there is a problem.

Temperature Monitor for Cold Rooms

Temperature MonitorTemperature Monitor is a system designed for areas where a consistent temperature, or temperature range, must be maintained. It issues an alert when the temperature goes above or below a set temperature. You can be alerted if the temperature falls outside of a defined range. The system works through a combination of hardware and software. You can configure it to do almost anything.

The system uses hardware temperature monitors. These can be placed in whichever locations you need, in the open air and also within the door seals of freezer rooms. By placing a monitor within the door seal itself, you will be instantly alerted in the event of a failure of the thermal tape in the door. Such a catastrophic failure of the system could lead to the door freezing. If the door freezes shut then staff safety is at risk, and it is consequently very expensive to replace both the door and the stock within the room.

Powerful Alerting System

Temperature Monitor triggers one or more actions whenever an exception event is triggered. Alerts can include triggering a hardware sensor. You may also wish to trigger a heating or cooling system. Temperature Monitor can also send out SMS or email messages. You can even combine the two!

As a result, the Temperature Monitor system is adaptable to suit almost any requirements. Our off-site data storage keeps a safe and secure audit trail of activity, for your total peace of mind.

Digitalquill – Temperature Monitoring Experts

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Chief Fire Officers Association Business Safety Week

Chief Fire Officers Association Business Safety WeekThis week is business safety week (5th – 11th September 2016). The key objective of the week is to highlight the support businesses can receive from their local fire and rescue services.

Digitalquill support Business Safety Week and work with a number of businesses to help them avoid being served with enforcement notices, and to encourage them to make fire safety a part of their everyday work.

What Happens in Business Fire Safety Week?

The campaign week publicises and supports the ongoing work of business safety practitioners working in the Fire and Rescue Service.

They ask businesses to:

  • Work with them to make sure their premises are safe
  • Update risk assessments and safety procedures
  • Help to reduce the number of false alarms
  • Help to protect themselves from arson
  • Share fire safety information with staff

Your local fire and rescue service can help you protect your business from the risks of fire: find their contact details at

Health and Safety Software Solutions

Digitalquill can help businesses manage their health and safety through innovative software solutions. Our products are designed with the busy manager in mind, and only alert you when an exception occurs. This means that supervisors can spend more time working and less time filling in forms.

Fire Door Monitor

Fire Door monitor is our software solution to the perennial problem of staff leaving fire doors propped open. Misuse of fire doors is not just a serious health and safety risk in the event of fire – it is also putting you in potential breach of the law.

Fire Door Monitor uses a combination of hardware and software to alert a manager when a fire door is open for longer than a defined period. This means that normal use for access does not trigger an alert, and you do not need your health and safety officer to constantly patrol the area. This is particularly useful when your business spreads across multiple sites but there is only one person ultimately accountable for fire safety.

Inspection Monitor

Inspection Monitor is Digitalquill’s solution to automating any kind of inspection regime. It is fully configurable and can use RFID technology to prove that a physical location has been visited.

One of our clients had a problem with youths setting fire to boxes outside his warehouse. Inspection Monitor proved to be the perfect tool a checking process to be implemented, put into practice and reported on. Management were instantly aware if there was a problem, or if a check was missed – and the system is otherwise silent and unobtrusive.

Digitalquill – Information Security Experts

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