Virtual IT Director

In a small company, you have to be a Jack of all Trades – but the best business people know where their limitations lie and bring in experts when they need a helping hand. You may already use graphic designers, print companies or courier services without a second thought – but what about the computer hardware and software that your business depends on?

When you do not have the budget, or requirement, for a full-time member of staff to oversee IT provision, business systems, IT support and so on, it can be tempting to leave them by the wayside, or wait until it is too late and spend your hard-earned profits on expensive consultation.

This is where Digitalquill’s Virtual IT Director service comes in. We work with you, as part of your team, to oversee your digital strategy. We get to know your business, its requirements, systems and processes. We can then recommend to your board of directors the areas in which your IT hardware or systems can be improved – to contribute to the success of your business.

We do exactly what an IT director would do: ensure your business continuity plans are created and tested; ensure your systems are secure; and create a plan for your business in terms of its technological development to allow you to gain a competitive advantage.