What Is Our Team Structure ?

At Digitalquill we have a huge depth of technical skills, from software engineering in multiple languages and for all platforms possible to system administrators who can provide robust platforms which are second to none.

Some of our people don’t want to be shown on our website… they prefer darkened rooms, out of which they only come to get coffee!

Here is a gallery of the brave ones!

Matt Houldsworth - Managing Director, Digitalquill Founder, Project Manager

Experience: 17 Years
Skills: From a Geological background Matt moved into software engineering and later software systems project management. 16 years ago he set up Digitalquill, which back then was a web design business with fingers in affiliate marketing and engineering solutions for Affiliate Marketers.

The business has evolved over the years to what it is today a business with wide ranging projects from large complex projects to IT support for smaller owner operator businesses.

Matt has managed multi-million pound project both through employed positions and through Digitalquill. His skills are mainly in Project Management however, he has an in-depth knowledge of software development languages and practices, and all areas of IT.

Matt specialises in finding technical solutions for business problems taking them through the full project lifecycle from requirement gathering to delivery and training.

Matts technical skills include business analysis, Prince2, Linux, Windows environments (server and client) PHP, MySQL, Networking, PCI compliance, Firewalls, RFID Hardware and software integration, RFID Installs, systems training, systems design, interface design, designing for usability, functional and technical specifications, paper prototyping and finding more and more complex problems for his team of developers and engineers to solve.

Hobby: Allotment gardening

Paul Morris - Senior Technical Engineer

Experience: 16 Years
Skills: Paul started off his career self employed offering bespoke custom pc builds and support to small local businesses, schools and churches. He moved on to work for an IT consultant, offering full it solutions web hosting email services, moved up from tech to tech-manager, onto multi franchise car dealership providing It support, then onto a large construction company with responsibility for implementing and supporting their multi-million pound IT operation. Now at Digitalquill Paul handles general IT support, systems training, IT and RFID system installs.

Pauls skills include Microsoft Windows Server Administration, Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Clients, Mail Server Administration, Icewarp, Merak, Nortel Phone Networks, Phone Exchange management, Draytek Administration, Vehicle dealer management systems, Vehicle diagnostic equipment and working with government funded schemes providing solutions/support for adults with learning difficulties.

Hobby: Restoring Motorbikes

Daniel Jeshkov - Systems Admin

Experience: 16 Years
Skills: Aspiring Rock Star Daniel is a first rate Systems and Network Administrator with extensive real-world experience. Over 15 years of advanced multiplatform system administration and programming experience, specializing in Networking, Security, Database Administration, HA, Cloud Systems and RFID Hardware integration and a wide range of general System Admin skills in Linux, Unix, Python, Nginx, Redis, Computer Security, Apache, DNS, Shell Script, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MsSQL, Database Administration, VPS, Puppet, BSD, Internet Security, Sphinx, Raspberry, Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, OCR, Machine learning, Asm, VPN.

Hobby: Fishing, Music

Roman Koroboff - Project Manager and Senior Developer

Experience: 21 Years
Skills: Roman has a skill set and depth of knowledge and experience beyond anyone else we have seen. His foresight into the initial stages of all projects leads to rock solid foundations being laid upon which the rest of the system can be built.

Roman specialises in finding performance gains in systems, where his attention to detail when reducing queries and functions by milliseconds leads to software which is fast, reliable and most importantly usable.

His technical skill set includes PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Perl, PHP, JavaScript/AJAX, C, C++, Java, Lua, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, CFML, CSS, Apache, IIS, BIND, Memcache, Nginx, Lighthttpd, Squid, Sphinx, Any Linux, Any *BSD*,  Windows, Cisco,  Network Design, Database Design, Digital Security, Firewalls, VMWare, Amazon API, Nagios, Chef.

Hobby: Paragliding, Road biking, Roman rides 30km each day to get to work…

Olga Akhrameeva - Software Developer

Experience: 11 Years
Skills: Olga started her career as a quality engineer so has a strong background in software testing, she is a full-strack developer, happy to work on any part of the software at at any stage of its development lifecycle. Her Front-end skills using jQuery, Node.Js and Angular.JS along with HTML, HTML 5 and CSS are a huge asset to the team. While core coding skills delivering stable applications is second nature to Olga.

Olga’s skills include QA Engineering, Test automation, Network Architecture, Linux, GIT, Python, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, jQuery, Angular.JS, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap.

Hobby: Painting

Stanislav Karpov - developer

Experience: 10 Years
Skills: Stanislav is a developer, whose main intension is to provide high speed and high standards of development, as well as maximum flexibility of product support. He has huge experience in various areas of development including next technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AngularJS, VueJS, Webpack, Gulp, Postgresql, NodeJS, MySQL, C#, PHP, HTML/CSS, JQuery, Redis, Laravel, Git, SVN, AJAX, Background processing, Bash, Linux and others.

Hobby: Bass guitar

Egor Vahrushev - developer

ЕгорExperience: 7 Years
Skills: Egor is able to perform even the most difficult task in the short term. Skills and programming language that has Egor diverse: PHP, Laravel, Yii, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sphinx, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngualarJS, Vue.js, Webpack, Gulp, Memcached, Redis, Python, Flask, Docker, Selenium, Objective-C, Nginx, Ansible

Hobby: cars

Sergey Zorin - Windows developer

zorinExperience:  9 Years

Skills:  Sergey is the most quite and reliable of us. He easily finds solutions for the tasks, which at first glance seem unsolvable. His Windows platform programming skills make our systems universal. Sergey as good in mobile development, as desktop platforms development. Technologies in which Sergey has no competitors: C#, .NET

Hobby: Sim racing


Alex Shapovalov - Software Developer

Experience: 10 Years
Skills: Alex is a highly skilled software engineer with a vast range of knowledge and experience. He developed rock solid foundations and frameworks for software to be developed on and then rounds those frameworks into highly agile and usable applications.

Alex has a wide range of technical skills including PHP5, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, memcached, phpunit, twitter bootstrap, NodeJs, Redis, Sphinx, Chef, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Vagrant, CoffeeScript, Postgres, MySQL, MSsql,  Zend Framework, Yii, Laravel 4, Nginx, LAMP, Ruby, NodeJS.

Hobby: Reading Books

Lydia Yanni - .NET and Windows Developer

Experience: 8 Years
Skills: Lydia is a Windows developer with a range of experience in developing applications for Point of Sale, medical and training websites. Lydia works with a range of technologies integrating with RFID, Barcode readers, video cameras and face recognition.

Lydia’s skills include ASP.Net MVC , WebApi, ASP.Net webforms , C#.net, VB.net, Jquery, Javascript, MsSql Server, MySql , Webservices, Unit testing using JUnit and NUnit

Hobby: Gardening and Swimming

Others in the team who don't want to be mentioned!

Others the team who don’t want to be publicly mentioned include:

IT Support Technicians
Network Install Engineer
Project Manager
Senior Lead Software Developer (Php, Mysql, HTML, CSS, jQuery + Many others)
Several PHP, HTML, CSS, Web Software Engineers
iOS and Apple Developer (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Apple Watch Mac)
Android/Java Developer
Windows Mobile Developer
RFID Install Technician
Graphic Designer – Photoshop Wizzard
Content Writer/Author
Matts Daughter, Aged 8, who is the Stock Control Manager and chief of spending profit.