Digitalquill Local

hessle-firstAt Digitalquill we are a proud member of Hessle First. We support the local economy of Hessle in East Yorkshire. Although much of our work is not for local clients, indeed we have clients all over the world, we believe that small, local economies are critical for a good healthy national economy. Hessle First promotes businesses and tries to keep trade within the local area.

If your businesses is located within the HU13 postcode (i.e. in Hessle) we will give you 20% discount on an of our standard hourly rates for any of our services, we hope that this will promote local trade and improve the local economy for us all.

If you are a business in Hessle that needs IT support, Software development, website development, graphic design, RFID Systems, RFID Hardware or any of our other services please call us on 01482 424402 and tell us you are in Hessle and we will see how we can help, we usually arrange to meet at one of the fantastic local coffee shops in our great town.

We are also actively looking for staff, if you are in the local area please look at our jobs page to see if anything fits in with your skill set.

Hessle First, making a thriving local economy.