About Us – Software, RFID & Computer Engineers


DigitalquillAt Digitalquill we have a wealth of experience providing Systems, Software and IT solutions to global corporations, SME’s, small business, governments and charities.

No matter who the client is or size of job, we work to the highest of standard. We have a huge depth of expertise throughout our team. All our projects are managed in the same way, from specification to conclusion, with the utmost professionalism and attention to the detail in the requirements the client provides.

Our business trades in four divisions, Systems development, Software Solutions, Design, IT Services. Our team works in all those divisions, software engineers provide support to the IT support officers and vice versa.

This gives us the ability to provide a holistic approach to your businesses technical requirements, so much so that we offer a ‘Virtual Systems Director’ service where we can come into your business and review all your operations and establish technical solutions across the board to improve your organisations’ performance.

Software Solutions and Bespoke Software development

Our team of highly skilled engineers manages many large software systems, we also have a range of software solutions which we provide as SaaS (Software as a Service) such as our Inspection Monitor, Asset Monitor, Rental Monitor, Access Monitor and more. Many of our systems include RFID technology.

RFID Systems

We specialise in providing RFID Solutions and RFID Systems along with RFID Hardware such as readers and RFID Transponders or tags. Much of our systems development work surrounds the implementation of RFID Technology in the business environment to solve every-day problems such as management of inspections, asset management, proof of delivery and access control.

IT Support

In addition our IT Support or Computer Services division is able to provide support for day-to-day IT needs in your business. We have a policy of only employing experienced engineers, this results in us providing a very high quality level of service.

Global Clients

We service clients across the globe with our software development and software solutions divisions while our IT support is currently limited to the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions of the UK, we are expanding the IT services division rapidly, please do enquire if we are not in your area but you need support. We may be able to help.