RFIDRFID is short for “radio-frequency identification”. It is a digital technology whereby data is encoded into special RFID tags and then captured again by a reader through radio waves.

What are RFID Systems Used For?

RFID systems are, on the face of it, similar to barcodes. Data from a tag is captured by a device, and then stored in – or read from – a database. RFID has a number of advantages over barcodes when it is used for applications such as asset tracking. RFID tags can be read without needing a line-of-sight, unlike barcodes which have be intact and carefully aligned with the scanner. RFID can identify objects, collect data and enter information directly into a computer system automatically – with little to no human intervention.

How Do RFID Systems Work?

RFID systems work by using radio waves. They are made up of three main components:

  • an RFID tag,
  • an RFID reader,
  • an antenna.

RFID tags are made up of an integrated circuit and an antenna, which transmits data to the RFID reader. The reader turns the radio waves into usable data. Information from the tags is then transferred through a communications interface such as a cable, Wi-Fi or 4G to a computer system, where the data can be stored in a database for use later.

What are RFID Tags?

RFID tags (or “RFID transponders”) consist of an integrated circuit and an antenna. A protective material isn used to hold the pieces together and shield them from the environment. The casing can have other uses – for example, employee ID badges can have RFID tags embedded within them. RFID tags are available in many shapes and sizes and are categorised as either passive or active.

What are passive RFID transponders?

Passive tags are the most commonly found type. They are smaller and less expensive than active tags, but they must be “powered up” by the RFID reader itself in order to transmit data. You may have seen them used as security tags in shops.

What are active RFID transponders?

Active RFID transponders are more complex, with a built-in battery that allows them to transmit data all the time.

What are RFID Systems Used for?

RFID technology has a huge number of uses. Click on the links for examples:

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

Most applications that work with barcode technology can be upgraded to RFID systems. If you think that your business can be helped by RFID systems, contact the RFID experts in Hull and East Yorkshire: Digitalquill 01482 424402 or office@Digitalquill.com.