RFID systems work through tiny tags consisting of a microchip with an antenna in a compact package. The tag can be attached to almost any object and when its antenna picks up the signals from an RFID reader it can returns data such as its unique serial number. RFID tags do not need a line of sight with the reader and they can easily be incorporated into moving objects.

RFID Systems for Schools

RFID Systems

Schools are starting to use RFID systems in libraries, entry gates and meal halls, making it easier to track students inside the school premises and to reduce the need for them to carry cash. The use of bespoke RFID systems in educational establishments can vastly improve the security and management of the school.

RFID technology in the education sector

Libraries: RFID systems have almost completely replaced barcodes in school libraries. The main advantage over barcodes is that RFID systems do not need to scan every book; multiple books can be read with a single scan and RFID tags can’t be as easily defaced and hard-to-read.

School Entry gates and classrooms: By installing RFID systems at school gates, it is easy to track the attendance of students. Schools always know who is present and who has left the premises. Within classrooms, RFID “gates” can be used in place of the time-consuming practice of taking a register

Meal Halls: RFID cards can be used to ensure that children do not need to carry money and allow parents to keep track of their spending.

Digitalquill – Experts in bespoke business RFID Systems

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