RFID systems work through tiny tags consisting of a microchip with an antenna in one compact package. The tag can be attached to an object and when its antenna picks up the signals from an RFID reader it can returns data such as a unique serial number. RFID tags do not need line of sight with the reader and can easily be incorporated into moving objects.

RFID Systems for Retail

The retail sector was one of the first to adopt RFID technology. You will be familiar with the RFID “security tags” on big-ticket items to prevent theft. RFID has other uses – for example, it can be used to replace the EAN (Electronic Article Number) or barcode on a product. Imagine a shop where you simply fill your trolley with items and the bill is automatically calculated as you pass through the doors and charged to your account.

RFID Systems

Anyone who has experienced the lengthy queues on Black Friday or at Christmas will recognise the benefits of a smoother system for processing payments. It is possible for a customer to be given a trolley or basket at the entrance or a store with a built-in RFID reader and embedded display. By picking up a product with an RFID tag attached to it, the system could display the name, quantity, and price of the item and then add it to the cart. The data can be sent to the checkouts wirelessly so that by the time the customer reaches the counter the goods can be checked, and payment collected far quicker than by scanning a bar code on each product.

Taken one step further, the bill could be automatically calculated and debited – eventually without any need for human intervention. This is not science fiction, Amazon has already put plans in place for a physical store using just such a concept.

Digitalquill – Experts in bespoke business RFID Systems

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