You can find Radio Frequency IDentification systems (RFID systems) being used everywhere. They allow an object to be identified through unique data that is transmitted via radio waves. RFID technology is now being used in the waste management sector to improve recycling rates and maximise efficiency by making use of unique RFID transponders. All that is required is the installation of a robust RFID tag into each bin, and an RFID reader into each collection vehicle.

RFID Systems for Waste Collection

RFID Systems

RFID waste management RFID systems allow for the identification and traceability of waste streams. Unique RFID tags can be attached to waste containers enable waste operators to monitor sorting quality, track how many times a container is put out for collection and even track the weight and nature of its contents.

RFID Systems on Waste Collection Vehicles

RFID is now being used by both public and private sector waste collection operators to monitor their waste pickup. Waste disposal trucks can easily be equipped with RFID readers to scan the unique RFID tags associated with each of the bins that they collect. RFID readers can easily record the exact time and location every single time a waste container is emptied. This unparalleled level of knowledge gives a new, greater ability to monitor and control the entire waste disposal process. By using RFID systems, waste operators can have access to accurate real-time data that can be used for a multitude of purposes: from customer billing to better route and resource planning.

Digitalquill – Waste Management RFID Systems

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