RFID SystemsYou find Radio Frequency IDentification systems (RFID systems) everywhere. They allow objects to be identified using data transmitted via radio waves. RFID technology is now being used in waste management to improve recycling rates and maximise efficiency by making use of unique RFID transponders.

RFID Waste Tracking

The waste industry has increasingly turned to technology to help to manage day to day operations more efficiently and effectively. For over ten years now, RFID systems have been used by waste collectors to improve performance and boost recycling rates. RFID systems allow waste to be identified and traced throughout the entire chain RFID tags can easily be applied to waste containers and trucks can have RFID readers installed to improve sorting, validating and verifying pickups, tracking how many times a container is used and tracking the weight of the contents at each pickup. A waste management system with RFID makes billing for service simple and allows for incentive-based invoicing. In conjunction with GPS, RFID systems give real-time visibility of waste management activities.

RFID Systems for Wheelie Bins?

We find waste containers in many materials and sizes, but all are subjected to harsh environments and rough handling. Because they are stored outdoors, waste containers are exposed to the elements: but RFID tags can withstand such conditions and continue to function effectively for the entire life cycle of the containers.

Safer Hazardous Waste Collection

When it comes to managing hazardous waste disposal RFID systems provide a high degree of visibility and traceability. This can provide operators with an audit trail of every step in the process from the time and place the waste was picked up to the time and place of its disposal, together with every stop in between.

Digitalquill – Experts in bespoke business RFID Systems

Businesses across the world use Digitalquill’s RFID systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness and to save money. We are experts in the provision of commercial wheelie bin RFID tags and RFID hardware. For more information on how RFID systems can help your business call us on 01482 424402 or email office@digitalquill.co.uk.