RFID SystemsRadio Frequency IDentification systems (RFID systems) allow almost any object to be identified using data transmitted via radio waves. Being able to identify and track items individually or as crates or pallets, without needing a line of sight, is advantageous for many companies. It is a relatively cheap and extremely effective way of tracking assets. RFID is everywhere – has your business joined the RFID revolution?

Why Use RFID Systems?

Just some of the additional benefits of using RFID systems are

  • No need for need line of sight
  • RFID tags can be rewritten and reused
  • RFID tags are extremely durable against impact and the environment
  • RFID tag data can be encrypted for extra security
  • Dozens of tags can be read within seconds
  • RFID systems can be integrated with other software

RFID is Everywhere

You probably don’t even realise how many times you used RFID or pass an RFID-enabled device every day. You will find RFID used in hundreds of applications, such as:

  • The microchip implant used to identify animals
  • Access cards and key fobs used to enter buildings,
  • Automated toll collection on roads and bridges,
  • Truck weigh stations
  • Contactless credit card readers

RFID technology is everywhere, and the uses keep on multiplying. Hotels are now starting to using RFID for their room keys, hospitals use RFID systems for inventory control, warehouses for asset management, and even construction sites for tracking tools. The possibilities are endless.

RFID is really coming into its own in the connected world of the 21syt century. More and more uses for RFID systems are popping up every day. From RFID tags in the wristbands issued at music festivals to tracking golf balls at the driving range. RFID technology is growing rapidly and it is enabling the Internet of Things (IoT).  As the question on peoples’ minds changes from “What is RFID?” to “What can I do with RFID?”, can you afford for your business to be left behind?

Digitalquill – Experts in bespoke business RFID Systems

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