RFID Systems for constructionThe construction industry is increasingly using RFID systems. One of the reasons for this is that RFID has so many varied uses. RFID is used in construction in many forms – from access control to tracking tools and workers.

How can RFID Systems help the construction industry?

The most common use for RFID systems in construction is asset tracking. Asset tracking is a term used for the tracking of anything of value (which could mean monetary value, or just that not having it when needed costs you time or money).

Why is RFID better than barcodes?

Barcodes are sometimes used in asset tracking, but they are not an ideal solution for a construction site. Once a barcode has been covered in concrete or rubbed off by friction it is not going to be much use. Barcodes also need a line of site to read and can only be read one at a time. RFID tags incorporate a small microchip with an aerial. When that aerial receives a signal from a ‘reader’ on the same radio bandwidth, it momentarily powers the chip, which sends data to the reader. They can be read at a distance, and multiple tags can be read at once.

Why Track your Tools?

Tools are expensive. Even the cheap ones will cost a lot to replace after you have lost a few. It’s good to know where all your tools are, how old they are, and how often they are used. You can know who has what in which van, when maintenance or replacement is due and always have an up to date idea of how many tools you have.

Can I track people as well as tools?

You can track people via ID badges or even through their helmets. There are some considerable benefits to doing so, including:

  • Prevent access to certain areas without the person having all the right PPE gear
  • Know the location of your staff for Health and Safety purposes
  • Automatically allocate tools or equipment to the person who is leaving the stores area with them
  • Automatically record those tools as having been returned – and by whom
  • Automatically monitor and manage – or restrict – site entry and exit

Is there a system to do all of this?

Yes: For all your RFID needs, Digitalquill can help. Our Asset Monitor system can be configured for any industry and we can tailor it to your needs – even integrating it with our other systems if necessary. Our RFID systems are used around the world in a number of different industries, so we can certainly help you.

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