The healthcare sector is increasingly using RFID systems. One of the reasons for this is that RFID has so many varied used. RFID is used in hospitals in many forms – from access control to tracking tools, patients and staff.RFID Systems Hospital

How are RFID Systems Used in Hospitals?

Inventory Tracking

One of the main uses of RFID systems is to track almost any kind of item. RFID can be tricky to implement with liquid-filled assets. Demand from the pharmaceutical industry has led to the development of RFID tags that can track this kind of asset.

Medicine Management

Hospitals have supply of medicine that must be tracked in to keep sufficient stocks for patients. Typical inventory tracking solutions use manual counts and barcodes which takes a lot of time to complete. RFID systems can reduce the time spent counting, so counts can be more frequent and data more accurate.

Patient & Staff Tracking

Many hospitals use passive RFID technology as to track the movements of patients and staff. Wrist bands or ID badges can have RFID added so they can verify patient information, reduce waiting times and locate patients. RFID wristbands can have information printed on them, and more detailed patient records can also be associated with the tag’s unique ID.

Tool Tracking

Surgical tools such as scalpels, scissors and clamps need to always be on hand and disinfected ready for use. By installing RFID tags, an inspection regime can be put into place to ensure that the tools have been properly cleaned and returned to the right location.

Large Asset Tracking

Hospital beds and machines are high-value items that occasionally get misplaced. These must be kept track of because the replacement costs are high.  Using RFID systems is the ideal way to keep tracking these assets within the building. Readers in each doorway can identify if a tagged item has passed through so they can be located in real time.

 RFID Access Control

Security is, of course, critical in hospitals. They have to limit access to certain rooms or areas. With an RFID system, staff members wave or tap an RFID-enabled badge on a door reader to gain access.

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