Almost anything can have an RFID transponder attached to or embedded in it, but vehicles present a unique set of problems: they are made of metal glass and move around. Why would you want to use RFID Systems to track vehicles?

Tracking Vehicles with RFID Systems

Three of the most common reasons to use RFID systems with vehicles are access control, identification, and tracking.

Access Control with RFID Systems

With a system like Access Monitor you can control access points such as doors, roller shutters, vehicle barriers and gates through RFID technology. Staff gain access via an RFID transponder which can be affixed to a vehicle or integrated into an ID card or key fob – and the system can trigger the barrier’s opening or release mechanism through hardware integration with any number of access control points.

Using RFID to Identify Vehicles

Businesses such as car rental specialists can use a system like Rental Monitor to manage the rental of vehicles using RFID Systems. It is a powerful tool for managing the rental of assets and it integrates with RFID technology to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned.

Tracking vehicles using RFID

By using tracking points at different locations on a vehicle’s route you can use RFID systems to understand the location of a vehicle in almost real-time. This is useful for example in delivery vehicles, where a system such as PODMonitor can be used to track deliveries and inform customers of estimated delivery times on the fly.

How to RFID tag a vehicle

There are various approaches to tagging a vehicle, for examples:

Windscreen Tags

An RFID tag on the windscreen can be scanned as the vehicle passes through a fixed point or scanned with an RFID reading wand by staff at control points.

RFID Hang Tags

Under the right conditions, RFID tags hung from a rear view mirror can be read at a distance of up to 20 metres. As they are temporary they can be moved between vehicles as the need arises.

Embedded Tags

Depending on the location of your readers, the vehicle can have RFID tags embedded almost anywhere in the bodywork or on the registration plate,

Tagging the Driver

The driver can be issued with an RFID identification card that is swiped or scanned as they move through access points.

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