RFID Systems Data AnalyticsRadio Frequency Identification, or RFID, uses radio waves to read and capture information stored on a special tag that is attached to or embedded in an object. RFID systems can serve the same purpose as a barcode or the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card by providing a unique identifier for a place or an object.

The Benefits of RFID Systems

RFID systems are being adopted by more and more companies every year as the technology evolves.  It is helping a variety of industries, from retail to transportation. RFID can most likely help your business, too. Here’s why:

RFID systems make businesses more efficient.

RFID technology is less labour intensive than barcodes. It does not need a line-of-sight to read tags, and multiple tags can be read simultaneously. A simpler process means your employees have more time to handle important tasks and so they are more productive.

RFID systems reduce errors

No human intervention is needed to read data – the process is automatic. This is more efficient, freeing time for other tasks, and it also reduces the risk of human error in data logging. By removing manual processes and using automated technology, companies can obtain more accurate data.

RFID systems work in real-time 

RFID systems can track and provide real-time data about your inventory . This is attractive to any industry, and is especially useful in data-driven decision making. Whether you are tracking stock inventory or individual products, your company will benefit from a stream of real-time data collection and analysis.

RFID systems support better decision making

Access to real-time data analytics through RFID technology lets companies become better informed. Good quality data and insights means better decision making, and business managers can then turn this information into positive actions to improve the business.

Digitalquill: Software Solutions and Bespoke Software development

Our team of highly skilled engineers manages many large software systems, we also have a range of software solutions which we provide as SaaS (Software as a Service) such as our Inspection Monitor, Asset Monitor, Rental Monitor, Access Monitor and more. Many of our systems include RFID technology.