Digitalquill Ltd have launched a new Android app: Smoke Signal. Building on our extensive experience in commercial monitoring solutions, the app, which is designed to remind domestic users to test their smoke alarms launched on the Google Play Store last week and is being applauded by users and fire services for drawing attention to the lack of smoke alarm testing that can cost lives.

Smoke Alarm Test

Smoke Signal – An App for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Reminders

A fully tested smoke alarm dramatically increases your chances of getting out of a fire, especially if it occurs while you are sleeping. We all have busy lives, which can make the testing of smoke alarms a task that never gets done. This must change. This app brings the testing of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to the front of your mind by reminding you regularly to do the tests. It also monitors the alarms’ ages and reminds you to replace their batteries every six months.

Testing your alarms cuts the risk of fatality by half

A working smoke alarm cuts your risk of dying in a fire by half, according to

39% of smoke alarm failures are because of battery failure

According to, in 2016/17, 39% of battery-powered smoke alarms in dwellings where a fire occurred failed, while 28% of all smoke alarms failed. Testing prevents this.

Smoke alarm failures cost lives

In 2016/17, where a fire occurred that resulted in a casualty, 12% had a missing battery and 10% had a defective battery, according to

25% of people admit they don’t test their alarms

In the government’s English Housing Survey for 2014/15 25% of people questioned said they did not test their smoke alarms at least once a month.

Digitalquill: Experts in fire safety monitoring

Smoke alarms are crucial as an early indicator of a fire in the home, but all too often their batteries are not checked, and so the alarm does not sound in the event of a fire. Digitalquill’s free smoke alarm testing app, Smoke Signal, supports the #TestitTuesday campaign by reminding people to test their smoke alarms every week.

You Can download Smoke Signal at the Google Play store or, to find out more, visit the website at