One of our core areas at Digitalquill is designing and implementing RFID systems for businesses, big and small, all over the world. Many companies will ask “why do we need RFID systems?” If you currently use a barcode system in your business, then RFID systems offer a significant improvement at a relatively low cost.

RFID – Better than Barcodes

RFID is short for Radio-Frequency IDentification. It refers to very small electronic devices consisting of a chip and an antenna. RFID chips (or transponders) carry a small amount of data – usually less than 2,000 bytes. Essentially, the RFID transponder does the same job as a bar code or the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card – it provides the object with a unique identifier. You have to scan a barcode or swipe a magnetic strip to read the data: in the same wya, an RFID transponder has to be scanned to read the information it contains.

Why is RFID Better Than a Barcode?

The biggest advantage of RFID devices over barcodes is that the RFID transponder does not need to be carefully placed in a specific position near the scanner. If you’ve ever seen a cashier trying to scan a crumpled or torn barcode you will instantly understand why this is a benefit. RFID systems can actually work up to 20 feet away (if high-frequency RFID is used).

Although RFID technology has been available for over fifty years, it is now becoming commonplace as the cost to manufacture the transponders has fallen so they can be almost disposable items.

Digitalquill: Software Solutions and Bespoke Software development

Our team of highly skilled engineers manages many large software systems, we also have a range of software solutions which we provide as SaaS (Software as a Service) such as our Inspection Monitor, Asset Monitor, Rental Monitor, Access Monitor and more. Many of our systems include RFID technology.