waste management rfid systemsWaste management is becoming more important. Campaigns such as Stop Plastic Use are encouraging consumers to use less plastic and to recycle what they do use. Waste industry officials say that RFID systems are becoming a more and more common way for waste management to track containers to make sure the right waste is recycled and reused, in the continual battle for zero waste to landfill.

RFID Systems to improve Waste Management

A growing use for Radio-frequency identification (RFID systems) is for pay-as-you-throw waste recycling programs. You can attach RFID tags to assets such as bins or recycling containers and collect data that tells you when the bins are full, so the waste management company can be automatically alerted when it is time to send a truck to empty them.

RFID systems are a powerful inventory management tool. They provide secure service verification as RFID transponders cannot be cloned – and they can supply waste management companies with a whole host of data. RFID systems for asset management are being more widely used in the waste and recycling industry for tracking, managing work and ensuring that regular repairs or replacements are done on waste containers. RFID can be used to manage trucks and track waste collection services in almost real time thanks to the advent of mobile data technology. Even the recycling trucks themselves can be RFID tagged to monitor them, or allow them access into and out of sites – and every RFID scan allows better asset tracking of the waste containers.

Why invest in RFID Technology for waste management?

RFID systems allow managers to monitor any number of aspects of work, including the progress against of a list of tasks or pickups, missed checks, staff productivity, the condition of the assets and much, much more. The best RFID systems can interface with other modules to improve service – for example, Digitalquill produce integrated cloud-based mobile enabled RFID software modules that cover every business need from staff time measurement to fire door monitoring.

Digitalquill – UK RFID Software Developers

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