Fire Door Keep ShutIf your fire doors are left propped open they present a serious health and safety risk. Fire doors are intended only to be used for access and they should be left closed at all other times. If they are left propped open, then they are no longer an effective barrier against fire and smoke.

The Easiest Way To Improve Your Fire Safety Checks

There are also significant legal risks relating to the discharge of your responsibilities around fire safety, and businesses can be fined if their employees do not respect their fire doors. Fire Door Monitor from Digitalquill is an innovative solution that will allow your nominated fire safety representatives to discharge their legal responsibilities without being tied up in red tape.

Software to help comply with UK fire safety Laws

Fire door monitor can be used to monitor and maintain accurate records of the inspections youre nominated person carries out under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in line with BS 9999. The law says that inspections must be carried out on every fire door at least every six months. The RRO legislation puts this responsibility onto a designated fire officer (which defaults to the owner or managing director of the company if no-one else is specifically named) to perform these inspections.

RFID Systems for Fire Safety

Fire Door Monitor uses RFID transponders which are placed on each fire door. The software coordinates the inspection schedules for you and informs the responsible person whenever an inspections is due. Magnetic catches are fitted onto each fire door, which means if it stays open for longer than a maximum specified time the system sends an SMS or email alert to the fire officer so they can visit the site. A full cloud reporting suite is available, so it is possible to see which fire doors are being opened – and for how long each time.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

It is simple to integrate Fire Door Monitor into your building. As it is a cloud-based system, it can link to your internet gateway or – if necessary – it can even be used in a totally self-contained way by using a 3G connection provided by us. In this configuration, there are no wires, and you do not need to add data to your existing network infrastructure.  We simply attach special wireless devices to each door and make sure they all are within range of our Hub. We can use repeaters to extend the range of the hub further – and we connect to the internet via your existing gateway or using a self-contained mobile data connection.

Low-Cost Fire Door Monitoring

Fire Door Monitor software is available for an affordable monthly fee. The only thing you need to purchase up front are hardware sensors to be fitted to each door and the hub itself. You pay a monthly subscription for continued peace of mind and compliance with fire safety laws. Call us today on 01482 424402 or email for more information.