We have seen RFID systems being used in 10 interesting ways, and so on but RFID has many more uses. New ideas are being thought up all the time, but here are some of our favourite and most interesting uses for RFID.

5 Surprising Uses for RFID Systems

RFID Systems

1 Hospitals

RFID systems are helping American hospitals to spend less money on scrubs. One example is the LewisGale Medical Center in Salem, Virginia which saved $40,000 in just two years with an RFID Scrub Dispenser. The device distributes and monitors medical garments and reduces the tendency of staff to treat them as disposable.

2 Retail

Although Amazon has not confirmed how its Amazon Go stores will work, RFID systems are rumoured to be the gateway to cashierless shopping. Chinese retailer JD.com is already using RFID to create a retail store that does not need any staff.

3 Child Safety

Up to 50 million attend a holy pilgrimage in India each year, but to keep track of children who might get separated from their parents, RFID technology is being used. The children wear a lanyard with an RFID transponder and it automatically scans them as they pass along the trail. If they get lost, a police officer scans their RFID pendant and can call their parents immediately.

4 Luggage Tracking

Lost luggage is a nightmare for airline passengers, but RFID luggage tags are now being used by Delta airlines in the USA to track luggage at key points in their journey. Passengers can track their bags with their mobile phones and the system boasts a 99.9% success rate.


5 Construction Safety

Large building sites are governed by a raft of regulations. RFID systems are being used to keep track of workers’ health and safety. The system keeps track of a person’s location through a series of RFID gateways and allows them to summon help if they slip or fall.

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