RFID systems have a huge number of uses. One of the most common applications for RFID technology is to control access. You can control more than just simple magnetic locks with AccessMonitor from Digitalquill.

AccessMonitor from Digitalquill

Access Monitor can be used to control access by vehicle or person

Do you need to control vehicles entering and exiting a site? If you have a fleet of vehicles that pass checkpoints each day then it is costly to employ staff to open and close gates to allow access. Key-based systems slow down access to sites; keys can be copied and lost; and staff that leave the organisation can retain them. Keycodes need to be changed on a regular basis.

AccessMonitor is an RFID system to control access points such as roller shutters, doors, and vehicle barriers. Staff gain access via an RFID transponder – which can either be affixed to the vehicle or integrated directly into their ID card or a key fob – and the system can automatically trigger the barrier’s opening or release mechanism through hardware integration.

Secure Records of Entry and Exit

Records are kept of every event, and a list can be maintained of people of vehicles that are currently on-site. Access points can be nested so entry cannot be gained to a second area unless the RFID transponder was properly authorised at the first barrier. Access rights can be controlled per user or per site, for total control. All data is stored securely on a cloud server.

We also support multi-site environments. Access for a vehicle or person to one or more sites can be granted – or revoked – immediately, at the click of a mouse. This makes AccessMonitor an ideal as a secure means of managing access for contractors – the system is granular so they can be granted access to just a single room or route – and it is simple to revoke access rights if the cards are not returned.

Secure Access Points with RFID Systems

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