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Fire Door Keep Shut

Fire Door Keep ShutIf your fire doors are left propped open they present a serious health and safety risk. Fire doors are intended only to be used for access and they should be left closed at all other times. If they are left propped open, then they are no longer an effective barrier against fire and smoke.

The Easiest Way To Improve Your Fire Safety Checks

There are also significant legal risks relating to the discharge of your responsibilities around fire safety, and businesses can be fined if their employees do not respect their fire doors. Fire Door Monitor from Digitalquill is an innovative solution that will allow your nominated fire safety representatives to discharge their legal responsibilities without being tied up in red tape.

Software to help comply with UK fire safety Laws

Fire door monitor can be used to monitor and maintain accurate records of the inspections youre nominated person carries out under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in line with BS 9999. The law says that inspections must be carried out on every fire door at least every six months. The RRO legislation puts this responsibility onto a designated fire officer (which defaults to the owner or managing director of the company if no-one else is specifically named) to perform these inspections.

RFID Systems for Fire Safety

Fire Door Monitor uses RFID transponders which are placed on each fire door. The software coordinates the inspection schedules for you and informs the responsible person whenever an inspections is due. Magnetic catches are fitted onto each fire door, which means if it stays open for longer than a maximum specified time the system sends an SMS or email alert to the fire officer so they can visit the site. A full cloud reporting suite is available, so it is possible to see which fire doors are being opened – and for how long each time.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

It is simple to integrate Fire Door Monitor into your building. As it is a cloud-based system, it can link to your internet gateway or – if necessary – it can even be used in a totally self-contained way by using a 3G connection provided by us. In this configuration, there are no wires, and you do not need to add data to your existing network infrastructure.  We simply attach special wireless devices to each door and make sure they all are within range of our Hub. We can use repeaters to extend the range of the hub further – and we connect to the internet via your existing gateway or using a self-contained mobile data connection.

Low-Cost Fire Door Monitoring

Fire Door Monitor software is available for an affordable monthly fee. The only thing you need to purchase up front are hardware sensors to be fitted to each door and the hub itself. You pay a monthly subscription for continued peace of mind and compliance with fire safety laws. Call us today on 01482 424402 or email for more information.



If RentalMonitoryou have a business that rents out valuable items such as plant machinery or garden tools, then there are significant risks to be mitigated. You have to keep track of property that has been booked out, ensure staff collect sufficient details about the client for you to trace the items if they are not returned on time and you must check that your staff complete any pre and post-rental safety checks and services. RentalMonitor from Digitalquill makes the rental of plant machinery and large tools simple by using the power of RFID Systems.

Rental Process Management Software

RentalMonitor is a tool for managing the rental of assets in a retail environment. It integrates with RFID systems to allow items to be tracked, monitored, controlled and returned. Keep informed when items are due for rental – or due to be returned. Automatically generate pre-rental and post-rental servicing tickets that integrate with email or SMS. Prevent rentals from taking place unless staff have captured key information. And prevent paperwork from being misplaced with secure off-site storage.

Scripts for the handover and return of items can be fully customised. You can ensure that briefings are given, instructions are supplied and that damage is recorded whenever the item is issued or returned. The cloud customer database allows you to store photographic ID to confirm customers’ identities as well as storing their details in a GDPR compliant manner for future repeat rentals. Your assets can even be tracked by GPS if you need the ultimate peace of mind.

RFID Systems for Temporary Equipment Loans

RentalMonitor is also the best choice of RFID systems for managing the temporary loan of tools and equipment to staff or contractors. If you give out items to employees and need to make sure you get them back, you can fit them with RFID transponders and use RentalMonitor to ensure you know who has them at any time. Our software is trusted around the world, versatile and cost-effective – no wonder the name Digitalquill is synonymous with RFID systems all over the world!

RentalMonitor from Digitalquill

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RFIDRFID stands for “radio-frequency identification”. It is a technology where digital data is encoded into RFID tags that is then captured by a reader using radio waves.

What are RFID Systems?

RFID systems are similar to barcode systems as data from a tag is captured by a device, usually to store it in – or read from – a database. But RFID has many advantages over barcodes when used for asset tracking. RFID tags can be read without line-of-sight, unlike barcodes which must be carefully aligned with a scanner. RFID can automatically identify objects, collect data and enter information directly into a computer system with little or no intervention from humans.

How Does RFID Work?

RFID systems work through radio waves. They comprise three components:

  • an RFID tag or label,
  • an RFID reader,
  • an antenna.

RFID tags have an integrated circuit and antenna, which transmit data to an RFID reader. The reader converts the radio waves into usable data. Information from the tags is transferred through a communications interface to a computer system, where the data is stored in a database for later use.

What are RFID Tags?

An RFID tag (or “transponder”) consists of an integrated circuit and antenna. A protective material holds the pieces together and shields them from the environment. For example, employee ID badges with RFID tags have it tag embedded between layers of plastic. RFID tags are available in many shapes and sizes and can be either passive or active.

What are passive RFID transponders?

Passive tags are the most common. They are smaller and less expensive than active tags, but must be “powered up” by the RFID reader itself in order to transmit data.

What are active RFID transponders?

Active RFID transponders have an built-in battery so they can transmit data at all times.

What are RFID Systems Used for?

RFID technology has many, many uses including:

Most applications that use barcode technology can be upgraded to a system using RFID. RFID has many advantages over barcodes: most obviously, an RFID tag can hold much far more data than a barcode, but also RFID transponders don’t get worn out or damaged in the same way as barcode labels.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

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RFID Systems

We have seen RFID systems being used in 10 interesting ways, and so on but RFID has many more uses. New ideas are being thought up all the time, but here are some of our favourite and most interesting uses for RFID.

5 Surprising Uses for RFID Systems

RFID Systems

1 Hospitals

RFID systems are helping American hospitals to spend less money on scrubs. One example is the LewisGale Medical Center in Salem, Virginia which saved $40,000 in just two years with an RFID Scrub Dispenser. The device distributes and monitors medical garments and reduces the tendency of staff to treat them as disposable.

2 Retail

Although Amazon has not confirmed how its Amazon Go stores will work, RFID systems are rumoured to be the gateway to cashierless shopping. Chinese retailer is already using RFID to create a retail store that does not need any staff.

3 Child Safety

Up to 50 million attend a holy pilgrimage in India each year, but to keep track of children who might get separated from their parents, RFID technology is being used. The children wear a lanyard with an RFID transponder and it automatically scans them as they pass along the trail. If they get lost, a police officer scans their RFID pendant and can call their parents immediately.

4 Luggage Tracking

Lost luggage is a nightmare for airline passengers, but RFID luggage tags are now being used by Delta airlines in the USA to track luggage at key points in their journey. Passengers can track their bags with their mobile phones and the system boasts a 99.9% success rate.


5 Construction Safety

Large building sites are governed by a raft of regulations. RFID systems are being used to keep track of workers’ health and safety. The system keeps track of a person’s location through a series of RFID gateways and allows them to summon help if they slip or fall.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

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Access Monitor can be used to control access by vehicle or person

RFID systems have a huge number of uses. One of the most common applications for RFID technology is to control access. You can control more than just simple magnetic locks with AccessMonitor from Digitalquill.

AccessMonitor from Digitalquill

Access Monitor can be used to control access by vehicle or person

Do you need to control vehicles entering and exiting a site? If you have a fleet of vehicles that pass checkpoints each day then it is costly to employ staff to open and close gates to allow access. Key-based systems slow down access to sites; keys can be copied and lost; and staff that leave the organisation can retain them. Keycodes need to be changed on a regular basis.

AccessMonitor is an RFID system to control access points such as roller shutters, doors, and vehicle barriers. Staff gain access via an RFID transponder – which can either be affixed to the vehicle or integrated directly into their ID card or a key fob – and the system can automatically trigger the barrier’s opening or release mechanism through hardware integration.

Secure Records of Entry and Exit

Records are kept of every event, and a list can be maintained of people of vehicles that are currently on-site. Access points can be nested so entry cannot be gained to a second area unless the RFID transponder was properly authorised at the first barrier. Access rights can be controlled per user or per site, for total control. All data is stored securely on a cloud server.

We also support multi-site environments. Access for a vehicle or person to one or more sites can be granted – or revoked – immediately, at the click of a mouse. This makes AccessMonitor an ideal as a secure means of managing access for contractors – the system is granular so they can be granted access to just a single room or route – and it is simple to revoke access rights if the cards are not returned.

Secure Access Points with RFID Systems

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