The world of manufacturing is extremely competitive. The choices available to customers in the modern, global marketplace means that manufacturers are in competition with not only local competitors but also companies across the globe in developing markets. Although it is good news for the customer, as competition drives prices down, it also squeezes margins for manufacturing companies. One way to get a competitive advantage in this difficult industry is by using RFID systems to improve processes.

How RFID systems can improve manufacturing processes

RFID Systems for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing marketplace, area radio frequency identification technology (RFID systems) are fast becoming an essential tool for any manufacturer that wants to remain competitive. Here are some areas in which RFID solutions can revolutionise your efficiency throughout the supply chain:

1) Shipping and Receiving

Even before the components have been sent to a manufacturer, RFID technology can be used to improve the processes. By tagging individual items at source, suppliers can automate the receipt of the products at the next step in the chain. Goods can be compared to the data in your system, improving shipping accuracy and inventory management.

2) Asset Tracking

RFID systems can be used to keep track of all the components and ensure that the right parts are picked for each stage of the manufacturing process. Misplaced items can be reduced and all parts can be located in real-time, reducing human error.

3) Work-in-Process

RFID systems can be used to manage the production flow so that all materials are where they need to be at the right time, so your productions lines run smoothly.

4) Stock Management

Even after production has been completed, unique RFID serial numbers can be used to locate any finished product.

As you can see, asset tracking and supply chain solutions with RFID systems are make manufacturing processes more efficient and help companies maintain their profit margins even in this competitive industry.

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