Document Management SystemA Document Management System (DMS) is a product that lets you control access to your company’s electronic documents at all times. Instead of keeping files on individual workers’ hard drives or inside disorganised folders or file shares, all your files can be located centrally in cloud storage so they can be worked on collaboratively. Keeping track of document versions becomes simple, and you cut down on the amount of paper by preventing printouts.

Does Your Business Need a Cloud Based Document Management System?

Document management software can combine scans of paper files with files of digital origin in a single electronic storage system. Files in the system can include almost anything you can imagine: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files etc.

Here are six of the main reasons why your business might need a Document Management System:

1. File storage

A cloud-based document management system acts as the central repository for all your company’s documents. You can then access, view, change or share them with colleagues at the click of a mouse. No need to waste precious time searching through files and folders to find a document you need – you can simply search for it.

2. Information security

When documents are not managed properly, sensitive information getting into the wrong hands can be a real concern. Data compromises can do real damage to businesses. Document management software lets you keep your confidential business information safe through the application of security policies and role-based access control (RBAC). This means only authorised users can access, view or edit certain files. If there is a natural disaster such as fire or flood, a cloud-based DMS ensures your business-critical documents are not lost forever.

3. Access documents anytime, anyplace anywhere

Cloud-based DMS software allows users to access documents anytime, anyplace anywhere – on a number of different devices including mobile technology. This is particularly useful when teams are collaborating on projects remotely.

4. Organise your files

By using categories, tags and meta-data with your electronic documents, they become easier to find and retrieve for use. When everything is recorded with the right taxonomy, a search can get the right results in moments.

5. Save time and money

Time is money – so the less time you spend creating, rewriting and searching for documents, the better. A document management system can be run at very low cost but it yields huge dividends in time saved.

6. Sharing is Caring

When they collaborate through a DMS, users can work together irrespective of their physical work location. They can completely control who they share files with and can send links, publish on the internet or emailing password-protected files. An audit trail means that they (and you) always know who has accessed or changed files. This can be critical when looking for errors and inefficiencies in processes.

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