rental monitor rfid systemsIf you are in the business of renting out large or expensive items such as cars, plant machinery or heavy-duty power tools, then there are many risks involved. How can you keep track of the property that is on loan? How can you ensure your staff collect the right details about the client to be able to trace the items if they are not returned on time? And how can you make sure that your staff complete all of your pre and post-rental safety checks and maintenance?

Rental Monitor: Manage retail rentals with RFID systems

RentalMonitor from Digitalquill is a tool that uses RFID systems to manage the rental of assets in a retail environment. It allows items embedded with an inexpensive RFID transponder to be tracked, monitored, controlled and helps you make sure they are returned. You are informed when items are due for rental – or when they are due to be returned. You can automatically generate pre-rental and post-rental service tickets and keep up-to-date with progress by email or SMS message. You can even prevent rentals from taking place at all until staff have captured configurable key information and identity documents from the client. There’s no paperwork to misplace due to our secure off-site cloud storage.

The scripts staff use for the handover and return of items can be fully customised. You can make sure that briefings are given, all instructions are supplied and that any damage is recorded when the asset is issued or returned. The customer database allows you to store a copy of photo ID to confirm customers’ identities as well as storing their details to make repeat rentals simple. Your assets can even be tracked by GPS with the appropriate type of transponders.

RFID Systems for Temporary Equipment Loans

RentalMonitor can also be used to manage the temporary issue of tools and equipment to your staff or contractors. If you loan out items to employees and need to ensure they are returned, simply fit them with RFID transponders and use RentalMonitor to know who has them at any given time. Our software is trusted all over the world, versatile and monthly subscriptions are extremely cost-effective.

RentalMonitor from Digitalquill

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