RFID stands for “Radio-frequency identification” and although you might not realise is, RFID tags are to be found almost everywhere. You’ll find them in ID badges, credit cards, and even in pets!

Did you realise the potential of RFID Systems?

Billions and billions of RFID tags are being used all over the world. RFID use is growing, and it is one of the technologies that helps to make the world more connected. RFID transponders are tiny devices with a “memory” that holds an ID number and sometimes other data, as well as a transceiver that can send and receive data. The most common type, passive RFID tags, have no power source –they are actually powered by the radio waves from an RFID reader. When an RFID reader comes within a few feet of an RFID transponder, it can exchange data to identify the data from the tag embedded in the item. The most common use of RFID systems is to identify individual items.

Here are some of the more interesting uses of RFID technology.

Fender guitars

Fender, the world-famous guitar maker has embedded RFID transponders in over 30,000 of its instruments, to uniquely identify each guitar. The IDs can be read by dealers, police, and repair shops. If a guitar is stolen, police can identify the owner.

Casino chips

RFID Systems

Unique RFID transponders in poker chips let the casino track the amount of money gamblers are spending, and on which tables.

Beating counterfeiters

Fake goods are a major problem the world over. In China, some brands are using RFID systems to fight back. Louis Vuitton bags are embedded with a unique RFID code, so a fake can be identified.

Tracking production

With embedded RFID tags, products and raw materials can be tracked wherever a reader is situated. A lot of factories use RFID systems to measure how long it takes to make a product.

Identifying pets

One of the earliest mass-market uses of RFID systems was to ‘chip’ pets such as dogs and cats. In Europe and the USA, pets are implanted with an RFID transponder when they are young. If a pet is found after going missing, the RFID chip can be scanned to locate the owner’s contact information.

Hospital Hygiene

Some hospitals issue staff with an RFID wristband that improves hygiene conditions by recording when they have washed their hands at an RFID enabled tap.

Theme Park passes

Disney World in Florida use a credit card-style ticket with an RFID tag inside –so customers can walk straight through barriers without having to root about in pockets for their ticket.

Digitalquill: Experts in RFID Systems

These are just a tiny handful of the ways RFID systems are being used today all over the world. As RFID transponders become cheaper and smaller, we will see even more creative uses of RFID technology. If your business could benefit from RFID, contact Digitalquill on 01482 424402.