Inspection Monitor is a powerful and flexible way to add RFID system to your compliance checks – for any type of business. Our cost-effective inspection management system runs on Android/iOS portable devices in conjunction with an RFID reader. It allows you to create, run and report on your inspection programmes.

Asset Monitor

Inspection Monitor –RFID Enabled Compliance Checks

Inspection Monitor uses RFID technology to track the assets or locations that you need to inspect regularly – and it informs you immediately by either SMS or email if a check is missed or is failed. This frees up valuable time for managers and provides irrefutable evidence that checks have been done. That is crucial when your company policy or legislation has to be be followed.

Irrefutable Evidence

RFID evidence of checks taking place is irrefutable because the RFID transponder ID cannot be remotely scanned or cloned. Your staff member has to have physically visited the location or asset n question to scan the transponder. You will only ever be requried to read and review system reports or alerts if something has gone wrong – total peace of mind.

Automatic Ticket Generation

When an issue arises during a check, Inspection Monitor can automate the generation of a work ticket to assign your repair team to rectify the fault: so broken windows, blown bulbs and faulty fixtures can be corrected immediately. And because the system stays silent when all is going well, Inspection Monitor system vastly reduces the amount of paperwork your managers have to complete.

Flexible and Adaptable RFID Systems

You have full flexibility to create as many checkpoints as you require and you can group them into any number of different inspections. You can require that they are completed in a specified sequence, for example to manage security patrols, or allow your staff flexibility to manage their own workflow – as long as all locations or assets are scanned within the required timescale. The scans and inspections are uploaded to secure cloud storage via wifi or 4G mobile data so you can show inspectors a clear audit trail and create reports at the click of a button.

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