Equifax hackJust when we thought we had heard the last of the massive Equifax hack last year, the embattled company has announced that it has identified even more victims of the cyber-theft.

Equifax Hack – Even More Victims Identified

Back in September last year, Equifax announced that 145 million of its customers in the USA may have had their personal information stolen. Its full investigation into the breach has now begun, and analysis of the stolen data has revealed that the personal details of another 2.4 million of its customers was stolen than it had originally estimated.

In a statement, Equifax said that it: “will notify these newly identified consumers directly, and offer them identity-theft protection and credit-file monitoring services at no cost.”

The announcement was made on the same day that Equifax reported its full-year earnings. The breach cost it more than $114 million, after insurance payouts, but profits still remained healthy, thanks to a strong performance in its international business and tax cuts in the USA.

Equifax Hack

In 2017, Equifax revealed that they had found signs of unauthorised access being made to its data. It included names, addresses and social security numbers. The company set up a website so people could learn if they were victims – but they were criticised for not doing more. Their then chief executive was forced to make a  public apology for the company’s failure to protect its information – and for the amount of time it took to let the victims know about the data breach. He, and several other senior executives, subsequently left the company as a result.

Keep Your Business Safe from Hackers

Just because your company is smaller than Equifax and located in Hull, East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire does not mean that your data is not at risk. If hackers succeed in taking data then it affects your reputation, can harm your customers, and you may be fined by the Information Commissioner if you cannot prove you took reasonable steps to keep the data secure.

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