Staff Time MonitorDid you know that timesheet was invented in 1888 by the company that would eventually become IBM? Now businesses need a more advanced way of tracking staff time – especially if they work for multiple clients or from different sites. Computer-based employee monitoring in conjunction with RFID systems can be used to measure productivity, track attendance, maintain security and collect irrefutable proof of hours worked at a multitude of different sites.

Staff Time Monitor – Powerful Staff Tracking Tool

Staff Time Monitor is a powerful RFID-enabled tool from Digitalquill that can be used to record timekeeping for your staff. It is especially useful for remote workers who do not have a fixed base such as multi-site maintenance staff.

How do Working Time Monitoring RFID Systems Work?

Using the power of RFID technology, it is possible for your staff to record their time of arrival at and departure from a site using a staff ID card. The scans can then be used to generate a report on their total time spent on site and calculate the payment of their wages. The system can alternatively be linked to many other means of staff identification such as biometrics, telephone call-ins or taps on a mobile application. However you choose to work, Staff Time Monitor is versatile enough to adapt.

Digitalquill – RFID Systems Working in Harmony

Your Staff Time Monitor subscription can be integrated with our other software products, for example, Lone Working Monitor, Access Monitor or Inspection Monitor to create a holistic RFID-enabled solution you can use for staff management across one or more sites.

Key Features

  • RFID staff cards can be used to record entry and exit to buildings
  • Can be linked to software to automatically calculate wages
  • Reports are available of time spent on-site
  • Can be integrated with other Digitalquill tools

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

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