lone working monitorKeep staff safe when they are working alone by using Lone Working Monitor. Staff are simply asked to perform a regular action, such as swiping an RFID card, pressing a button in an app or calling a number. If a check-in is missed then you are alerted instantly.

Keep Track of Lone Workers with RFID Systems

UK lone worker regulations require that companies must put in a process to ensure the safety and well-being of staff who are in a building alone. Many do this by scheduling an hourly call, but that involves the need for a second person to also be involved in the process – often waking managers unnecessarily during overnight shifts when all is well. Lone Working Monitor provides an ‘exception’ only system which only alerts management when a check-in is missed, and allows for more efficiency and saves management time.

Flexible Lone Worker check-in software

It is possible for a lone worker to ‘check-in’ by a number of different means: from an RFID staff card to a mobile phone app – or even an automated telephone system. You configure how often you need them to check in, and Lone Working Monitor does the rest. As long as check -ins take place then management will not be bothered – but in the event of a missed check in, then a nominated person can be contacted immediately by email or text message. The system gives total peace of mind and can even link with Staff Time Monitor to be used to record working time.

Key Features

  • Supports automated telephones, RFID and mobile phone apps
  • App can automatically prompt staff to check-in
  • Peace of mind: management are alerted when a check-in is missed
  • All data securely stored for reporting purposes
  • Can link to Staff Time Monitor

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