Inventory monitor is an RFID-enabled Stock control system that can manage and monitor goods in a warehouse. As well as full RFID functionality, it also works with traditional barcodes. It makes stock control simple: staff scan individual items or pallets and stock levels are updated on the fly.

Why Choose Inventory Monitor for stock management?

Inventory Monitor

You can either add your own RFID transponders or just use the stock’s existing barcodes – the system is flexible and fully configurable for a range of business applications. It can be integrated with a wide range of hardware from wireless NFC scanners through to industrial barcode readers. It is a simple process to find out the location of items, and they can be moved from place to place with a single scan. Our systems are in use in large organisations across the globe, but we offer the same level of service and customisation to every client. Digitalquill systems are interoperable, and so you can purchase as much or as little of our integrated functionality as you need.

Easy to use RFID Inventory Management

Stock levels can be broken down by location or site, as well as monitored globally so you always know where each of your assets is located. When you transport a group of items – such as a pallet – the system is able to be configured to handle all of the contents with a single scan, saving you time and money – and everything can be linked to your supply chain system in order to trigger new orders for items with low stock levels.

Key features:

  • Supports RFID transponders or barcodes
  • Stock levels can be updated in real time
  • Supports multiple sites
  • Can handle individual items or groupings such as pallets
  • Can be linked to your ordering system

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