We have all seen the news reports about plastic waste and we are all learning the environmental impact that it has. As an industry, we the IT/Technology industry should step up and do our part. It has been too long that we have not considered these things and when you start to look at the supply of hardware and software you soon see areas where we can collectively improve.

IT Companies must stop producing plastic waste

We can remember many years ago the ‘fashion’ for putting ‘Save Trees don’t print’ footers on emails: We now need to start to act on plastics which have such a detrimental impact on our environment.

plastic waste

While opening an Acer monitor today, we noticed extra packaging that was simply needless.  In this picture you see the manual (that no-doubt no-one reads and is actually a pointless waste of paper, printing, weight in shipping and therefore transport costs and environmental impact) is wrapped in a plastic bag, next the cables are each individually wrapped and plastic is wrapped around the ends of the cables themselves. None of which is needed.

The monitor itself is also in a plastic bag, inside the box, protected by the polystyrene, perhaps there is a need for this, but we really can not see the need for those around the cables and manual. We are not singling out Acer here – it is a systemic problem.

Stop Plastic Waste in the IT Industry

Changing practices in the IT industry will not solve the environmental plastics issue on its own, but if this is part of a wider change, perhaps we can collectively make a U-turn on the disposable consumerism that we have started down and consider the wider impacts of our products.

At Digitalquill we endeavour to consider the environmental impacts of our business. It is hard, we have to travel worldwide for business which has a huge environmental impact, but we try to offset this impact by planting trees and using other renewable energy sources and recycling where we can.

Stop Plastic Waste Campaign

Digitalquill propose starting a campaign to get the manufacturers of IT equipment to change their packaging. This would be a start to considering the wider environmental impacts of the disposal of IT equipment at the end of its life. We, as IT companies should also consider how we dispose of obsolete equipment.

If you would like to join us in starting this campaign please sign up at stopplasticuse.com