British GasThe latest victim of cyber crime appears to be energy behemoth British Gas, who admitted in December that 1,600 of their customers’ account numbers, names and email addresses were stolen in a “breach of security” after the login details were taken by a third party from another website that the affected customers used.

British Gas Login Details Stolen

Although the energy giant claims its own systems weren’t breached, and that it only alerted the customers as a “precautionary measure”, it will nonetheless be sending them a £20 cheque for them to spend on signing up to a fraud protection service. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)has been informed of the incident and is looking into it.

Data Security – It’s Not Just About You

This latest cyber-theft serves as a reminder that it is not just your security you need to worry about – if you share data with others than you need to be aware of how secure their own systems are. With the advent in May of the General Data Protection regulations (GDPR)_ the rules around keeping personal data safe will become even more stringent – and the penalties for failing to do so will be even greater.

How can I protect myself online?

For individuals, the key to online security is to usea separate strong and unique password for each site or system. This can be difficult given the many different applications we all have logins for, but password managers exist for the most common web browsers to switch out a “master” password that you type in for a random, unique one transparently.

For businesses, you should have a cyber security strategy and invest in appropriate hardware, software and policy solutions to ensure that your systems remain secure – not to mention an appropriate backup regime in case the worst happens.

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