Proof of delivery systemGood communication is essential for any business. If your business involves logistics, then customers are increasingly expecting to know where their orders are at all times. Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) systems are very important to such companies because they are an efficient, modern approach that allows companies to offer better customer service all through the delivery process. PODMonitor from Digitalquill is a powerful Proof of Delivery tool that can manage collection, deliveries or rentals.

Why you need an electronic proof of delivery system

Even some large companies rely on their employees manually filling in delivery paperwork and tapping data into IT systems later. This creates a huge workload and introduces the risk of human error. Today’s logistics industry is fast-paced, and customers expect tracked delivery on their orders. EPOD solutions enable the instant electronic exchange of information.

 Increased productivity

A paper proof of delivery system will typically involve clipboards of notes, that can be misread or misplaced. EPOD systems help to streamline a driver’s day. The driver uses a handheld mobile device to check deliveries against order records, and drivers can even print invoices if a suitable peripheral is purchased. By automating routine tasks, you increase productivity and reduce costs.

 Improved customer service

EPOD systems help provide a personal service. Drivers can make notes about customer preferences which can be observed by any other driver.

Reduced risk

EPOD software reduces a lot of the risks of paper records. Documents can no longer be lost, damaged, or misread. Everything is recorded digitally.

EPOD Data can be shared with other systems, so there’s no delay in the information flow between departments.  Problems can be dealt with immediately, in real time.

PODMonitor – Electronic Proof of Delivery System

If you require proof of delivery as signatures, photographs, scans of barcodes or RFID reads: you need PODMonitor. You can arrange deliveries using an intuitive interface, and track vehicles in real time with GPS and automatically inform customers when a delivery is due – or when it is delayed.

Secure cloud storage saves on servers, and the client application runs on drivers’ existing Android mobile devices. Tthe system is configurable to meet almost any requirement.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Android devices
  • Manages rentals, deliveries and collections
  • Issue receipts with a mobile printer or by email
  • Secure cloud-based data storage

Digitalquill – Experts in Electronic Proof of Delivery Systems

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