Outlook auto responder pluginOne of the biggest problems you will come across when you use a Postfix mail server is Microsoft Outlook’s incompatibility with certain functions. Love it or hate it, Microsoft Office is the leader in office applications, and Microsoft Outlook is widely used as the industry standard email software. Users like its familiarity and integration with the rest of the Office suite, but certain functions simply do not play well with Postfix mail servers.

What’s Wrong with Microsoft Outlook’s Vacation Responder?

One such area is the auto-reply function. Sometimes called a vacation responder or out of office tool, this function allows users with Microsoft Exchange server to send an automated response when they are not in the office. Microsoft Exchange servers are expensive to install and run, and many system admins prefer the power and flexibility of Postfix.

Outlook can be configured to work with other servers – using Pop3 and IMAM account settings – but it does not integrate fully with them, and out of office auto-responses will not work. Although Postfix does support out of office functionality Outlook users have, until now, had to either forego the functionality or use a workaround such as leaving their terminal switched on.

Outlook Out of Office Addon from Digitalquill

Our out of office plugin is a server-side Out of Office auto-responder for businesses using Microsoft Outlook clients with a Postfix server. It removes the need for workarounds and saves the costs of switching to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Features of the Out of Office plugin

The Out of Office Addon integrates with a standard Mail server build using Courier or Dovecot, with Postfix as a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). Users can enable or disable Out of Office replies direct from Outlook, which are then handled by your mail server.

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